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Nine worldsI am obsessed with Viking mythology. In the Norse cosmology there are nine worlds interconnected by the world tree, Yggdrasil.

One of my favorite Viking tales is of Heimdallr the guardian of the burning rainbow bridge, Bifrost, that connects the world of the gods, Asgard, and Midgard, the world of mortals.

Heimdallr possesses the resounding horn Gjall, owns a golden-maned horse Gulltoppr, has gold teeth, and is the son of Nine Mothers. Heimdallr has foreknowledge, incredible vision, and his hearing is so acute, he can hear the grass growing. Heimdallr is “the whitest of the gods”. He keeps watch for the onset of Ragnarök while drinking fine mead in his dwelling Himinbjörg, located where Bifröst meets Valhalla.

In my latest release, Vengeance Hammer, the heroine, Xára, is Heimdallr’s half-immortal daughter.

VengeanceHammer_ByJianneCarlo-133x200Here’s a clip from the book:

“Heimdallr?” Dráddør frowned. “What has the watchman of the gods to do with aught?”

“Xára is his daughter,” Nyssa replied as she and Konáll vanished into the hallway.

“’Tis true?” Shifting Xára in his hold, Dráddør closed and barred the door.

When Xára related what had happened on the night she lost her voice, his fury surged. Though his rage was directed at Magnhildur and Néill, he could not help but be angered with Jennie for not protecting Xára the way a mother should. “Why did your mother not tell you of your sire?”

Xára focused on a spot above his shoulder. She shook her head. “Jennie feared for our lives, if Arnfinn discovered we were not his get.”

Yet Evie knew of her real father. Had Jennie felt it safe to tell the sprite after Arnfinn’s death? More so, did she feel the need to assuage her guilt, for she had killed her husband? Then he recalled Xára’s claim Jennie had not poisoned Arnfinn.

“Do you leave Earl Tighe in charge of Lathairn?”

The worry in her voice distracted him. He sought to appease her concerns. “Aye. Tighe will remain, as will his warriors. Brökk, Konáll, and I will split our forces as we have no notion of Wazir Niketas’s direction. I will go east, Konáll west, and Brökk north. I will take only a skeleton crew. Egron will remain here. There is no need to worry, sváss. All will be well.”

“I will use the time to prepare the castle for the coming winter.” She gave him a shaky smile.

Dráddør’s focus shifted to the bed. He winked at her. “I seek now to give you a swiving memory to fill the long nights while I am gone.”

Color rioted all over her face and throat. His gaze strayed to the spot where the scar had been. He laid her down on the covers and sat on the mattress. While unlacing her cyrtel, he inspected her collarbone, and then smoothed his thumb over the pulse leaping in the hollow of her throat. “’Tis as if it ne’er were. Do you recall aught of what happened in the hall?”

“I remember Nyssa setting her fingers there. Then naught, but the dream of what happened the night Magnhildur pierced my neck and stole my voice.” She shuddered.

“She will ne’er harm any again.” Dráddør had chosen to go east as he knew that Godfraid must take that route to travel to Kenneth’s court. ’Twould be a simple detour and the perfect vengeance. ’Twas the time of year when storms frequented the channel and all he had to do was wait for a squall, separate Godfraid’s main boat from the two others, and sink the vessel.

But ’twas not the moment for dwelling on vengeance. Nay, ’twas the time to give Xára a babe. He grinned. And if his seed didn’t bear fruit on this joining, he had many a long winter’s night to correct that.

Xára peeked at him when he stood and disarmed. After he pulled off his tunic she stared at his chest with such fervor in her eyes that he preened. ’Twas quick work to shed his boots and breeches.

Her gaze dropped to his jutting erection and she licked her lips.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  2. I love mythology! The history and legends are so fascinating! Its always fun to read about it, learn new and just sit back and wonder about it. Mythology has been a heated discussion on family night, more than once. The culture itself is very wondrous! Thank you!!

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