Freebie Fridays From Jianne Carlo!

abstract-party-1For 2015, I’ve decided to run a Freebie Friday. Anyone who visits and comments between Friday and the following Monday will be eligible to win a Freebie from me on selected Fridays every month.

What’s the Freebie you ask? It’ll depend upon my mood—maybe an Amazon GC, or maybe a Regal GC, or maybe a book, or, if you’re registered for my newsletter—then maybe your secret indulgence.

Which Fridays will this run? You guessed it—whenever I choose. But it’ll be at least once a month, sometimes more, and sometimes every single fricking Friday.

This Friday, the Freebie is a copy of a book from my backlist AND—if you subscribe to my newsletter—a sneak preview of Satan, Hades Squad Book#5.

Let’s have fun on Fridays!




  1. It’s a good promo idea. I wish you the best of luck and I’ll have to check out your books 🙂

  2. Patricia Smith says

    Thanks for the contest. I love your books!!

    • Aw, shucks, thanks Patricia. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads them, so it’s super fantastic to find out you like what I write. If you don’t mind me asking – how did you find out about me?

  3. Ginger Robertson says

    Hi Jianne

    How kind and giving of you.

    Thank you!

  4. Jessica Newcom says

    LOVE first two books, Brut & Sidonie made me laugh and cry.
    Sucker for shifters and this series is a winner!
    Thank You

  5. What a wonderful idea. I am a fan of your books. I must admit that Alpha Me Not is my favorite.

    • Oh my. Thank you so much for saying that, Titania. Alpha Me Not got some horrible reviews on Amazon and it’s one of my personal faves. As an FYI, I’m planning on finishing the first in the series, The Wolf With The Broken Smile, for release late this year or early 2016. That’s Chad and Lizzie’s tale. Here’s the tentative blurb:

      Wolf-shifter ‘Chainsaw’ Chad’s ruthless and driven. He collects and discards companies and women. His investment lawyer Lizzie’s become an obsession. It’s time to eradicate her hold on him with the ultimate hookup. Too bad fate doesn’t see it his way.

  6. Happy Friday! Thank yo so much!

    • Susan – you aren’t by chance the Susan White who won my NGNW contest but didn’t claim the prize???? If you are, LMK right away so I can get the prize to you. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Cindy Hazelwood says

    Thanks for the opportunity. It is a great idea.

  8. Awesome! So generous!
    I started your Prymal series and am loving these alphas!! So demanding and protective.
    I’m already signed up for your newsletter. 😉
    Do you need my email addy?
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

    • Nope, Tina B. Got you down! So happy to hear you like my Prymals. Wait till you read Bandit’s tale. My editor says she loves him the best so far. Sigh. I can’t have favorites, because they all yell at me. 🙂

    • Nope, Tina B, I don’t need your addy. So wonderful to hear you love my Prymal alphas. I’m dying to start Prymal Hunger, Kydd Kolton’s story, but first I have to finish Satan’s. I hope you’re having a great weekend too. Hope you’re not stuck up north in the chill.

  9. Great idea Jianne!

    • Glad you like the idea, Timitra. I’m going to try and rope in a few authors as the Fridays go by, so hopefully the prizes will mushroom! 🙂

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