Hump Day !

I looooove the new Geico ad with the camel about hump day! I kill myself laughing when the camel goes, “Hump Daaaay!” in the background at the end of the commercial.

And what could be more appropriate than watching that video today?

What are your favorite commercials? Which ones do you absolutely detest!





  1. That’s the first time I saw that commercial…really cute. My fav commercial right now is Beyonce’s Pepsi commercial…love her!

  2. I know Colleen, It’s horribly irritating when an ad repeats to the point where you want to scream – especially those drug commercials with more side effects than benefits. Arrgh.

  3. Colleen C. says

    That one is cute! Most commercials I ignore… I find them annoying… the other day I was watching something and every commercial break literally had the same commercial in it… how many times can you see the same thing in an hour!?

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