Sinner – Hades Squad Book #1

Sinner-Jianne_Carlo-200x320btn_buy_nowlogo - PI-plu-5winlogo - trr top picklogo - nowl top pick Navy SEAL Linc Chapman aka Sinner’s no choir boy. Deployed to fight an-out-of-control brush fire in Alaska Sinner’s the last to exit the plane, he veers off course, his chute fails, his reserve opens, and he’s knocked unconscious. Sinner awakens in a cabin to a woman with the face of a Madonna and the body of a stripper tending to him.

Destiny’s in Alaska, armed with whips, cuffs, and copies of “classic” (who knew?) porn movies, to “sex up” former bestselling author Nadine Roland’s latest manuscript. It’s make or break it time for Destiny, career wise. The last thing she needs is a car that won’t start, a fricking blizzard, and a SEAL named Sinner who thinks she’s into BDSM because of her ‘toys’.

Sinner doesn’t believe Destiny’s an editor, not for a second. He knows they’re trapped in the cabin for at least two days. When the lights go out, Sinner knows exactly how he’s going to stay warm.

Format:  eBook      Price: $2.99
Available at:    Amazon  Format: Print    Price: $13.95
Available from:  AmazonPrint

Release Date: February, 2015
Genre: Military/SEAL Romantic Suspense
Number of Pages: 239
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Language: English
ISBN eBook: 1507590040
ISBN Print: 978-1507590041
Editor: Debra Gillen
Cover Artist: Georgia Woods



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