Satan – Hades Squad, Book 5

Satan-Jianne_Carlo-200x320btn_buy_now Retired SEAL Satan ranks liars and talk show hosts lower than ambulance chasers on his list of contemptible occupations, so he goes AWOL when his mansion’s the site of a New York blueblood charity auction. He returns home after the event is over, and his doorbell rings. The stunning redhead at the door’s late for the auction. He invites her in with the intention of wooing her to stay.

Angel Dare, darling host of the NY talk show circuit, plans to avenge her brother’s murder. Her scheme is a suicidal one—she doesn’t expect to come out of the mission alive.

The instant, powerful attraction to Satan stuns her. When he seduces her into spending four days with him having nothing but monkey sex and fun, she agrees. Better to go out with a bang—or four days of it—than a whimper.

Long ago, Satan resigned himself to a solitary life. Angel dropkicks that notion into another galaxy, but she won’t commit to a relationship with him. When she leaves, he discovers that his Angel’s nothing but a rabid liar and a frigging talk show host. Furious, he resolves to cut her out of his life.

Then Angel goes missing while she’s playing carnival in her homeland, Trinidad. Jess, Satan’s buddy’s wife, begs him to find her friend, Angel. Why should he bother with the deceitful woman who abused his emotions?


Release Date: April 3, 2015
Genre: Paranormal SEAL Suspense
Length: 62,240
ISBN: 1508414882
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Language: English
Editor: Kellie Loscavio
Cover Artist: Georgia Woods



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