Wolf Raider – White Wolf Pack #3

Lizzie White denies her white wolf heritage, hightails it out of her claustrophobic hometown, gets a legal degree, and battles her way into the best Chicago securities firm. Determined to have a successful career, she works ninety-hour weeks and spurt-dates.

Lizzie’s white wolf instincts rear when she meets her firm’s most lucrative client, Chad MacTire. Slammed by ferocious lust, she decides to quit her job, move back home, and find her true alpha. But first she’s going to jump Chad’s bones and have the hookup of her life.

After his wolf father murders his mother and siblings when he’s thirteen, Chad brutally represses the beast in him. Adopted by Irish parents, he lives a “normal” life and only uses his wolf skills to launch and enhance his career as a corporate raider. Known as “Chainsaw Chad” by his hapless victims for the way he dissects conglomerates, Chad’s famous for his hookups with supermodels and starlets.

Then Lizzie White joins his takeover team. Stunned when he recognizes her as his mate, he fights her call and his wolf. After months of working eleven-hour days with her, he surrenders to the inevitable—she’s his mate and he will have her. But that doesn’t mean he’ll free his wolf.

Lizzie craves her alpha mate. Chad denies his wolf. Can this relationship work?

Release Date: December 1, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Pages: 223
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Language: English
Editor: Lisa Dugan
Cover Artist: Georgia Woods



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