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IMG_1039During the month of August, I am going to be working on revamping my website. Any suggestions? Send them in.

We returned from our trip to a Ricky less house. We’ve had Ricky for 6 months because his master (my young ‘un’s friend) was not in a pet-friendly building. It was supposed to be for one weekend in December and, well, it’s now been six months.

I love Ricky and it’s terrible to not have him sleeping on the landing when I wake up. I miss him dogging my footsteps every morning until I pick up his leash for our walk. I miss his toys being scattered all over the house. I am in mourning. So, I will be featuring my favorite Ricky pics today and for the rest of the month until my blog hop next week.


Cool Ricky


Sheepish Ricky


Embarrassed Ricky



  1. I’m not a dog person but he is a cutie!

  2. Ah Colleen – my bad. We didn’t lose Ricky permanently. He’s my son’s friend’s dog and he’s been living in a place that doesn’t allow pets. We agreed to look after Ricky for a weekend last December, and well, a weekend turned into 6 months. But now Ricky’s master has new pet-friendly digs and so, Ricky’s with him. Don’t worry though, I negotiated custody rights. We get him once a month for a weekend.

    • Colleen C. says:

      Well shared custody is wonderful, lol… glad it was not as bad as a pet passing… I saw you said you were mourning and he looks like an older dog with the gray face… came to the saddest conclusion. Happier endings are a whole lot better.

  3. Colleen C. says:

    Beautiful dog! It is always heartbreaking to lose such a precious member of the family. Thank you for sharing his pics!

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