Sinful Sirens Blog Hop – May 15 to May 20, 2013


Welcome to the Sinful Sirens Blog THop hosted by Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews and Undercover Book Reviews! This hop is all about sinful sirens (don’t we all want to be a sinful siren?)! There are a ton of wonderful authors and sites on this tour, so grab a glass of your favorite sinful concoction, settle down, and enjoy some hot reads.

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JC_ManacledInMonaco_inHere’s a Sinful Siren moment from Manacled in Monaco:

Sarita purred.

“I remember that sound,” Rolan whispered, his lips moving against hers. “I’ve listened for it for the last ten years. Sarita, if I’d known about Tony, I would have done the right thing. Let’s do it now.”

He nibbled her lower lip and the memories flared across her pupils. He’d kissed her for what seemed an eternity that night. Lazy, slow tastings, sipping at her mouth as if it contained life’s precious nectar. The star of the football team, the most handsome boy in town kissing her, wanting her.

She moaned as his teeth sank a gentle pressure on her lip.

“Again,” he commanded. “Make that sexy noise again.”

Unable to prevent it, she moaned again.

“Jesus, I’m losing it.”

He shoved her dress up, found the ridge of her thong and slithered a hand inside, growling when he found her moist, slick, needy. “Jesus. Purr for me, Sarita honey, purr for me. “

And she did, a little throaty sound coated deep inside, although she tried to bury it.

He slid two fingers in and she clenched around him, muscles spasming like a hot, tight little vacuum. She arched, spine taut, and mewled sweet sounds of rapture.

Right there on the deck braced against the rail, she had her first orgasm, convulsing around thick fingers, dress shoved up baring her ass.

His whole body tightened and he shuddered, and held her smothered tight to him.

An uncomfortable eternity elapsed, painted with uneasy silence and labored breaths.

The sun beat down on her back and shoulders, the wind died, and waves slapped against the Glory’s hull rhythmically, like a drum beating to the humming of the ship’s engine. He gathered her closer, one hand stroking her spine, and dropped a kiss on the top of her head.

Sarita sighed and wanted to stay in his arms forever.

And then he burst into a loud chortle, his lips nuzzling her nape, tickling the skin there.

Cheeks heating, her neck muscles knotted.

“That’s the second time. And only you do it to me.”

“I don’t understand,” she mumbled, her words muffled against his dark shirt.

“I’ve lost control completely only two times in my life. That night on the football field and a couple of minutes ago. Thank God Terry had the foresight to take us out to sea.”

She wriggled her hips, all of a sudden aware his fingers were still buried deep inside her.

“Don’t even think of asking me. Right now, all I want to do is bring you off again. My fingers stay where they are until I catch a second wind.”

Hope you enjoyed!

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