Anniversaries and Gifts!

FLOWERS MOTHER'S DAY ANNLong ago, the Viking and I decided to opt out of gifts for anniversaries that didn’t end on a 0 or a 5. It was a matter of practicality. We’ve accumulated too much over the years that found their resting place on a shelf in our garage. We have a packed, but very organized garage. This year, to celebrate our wedding anniversary (today), we agreed that it’s time to clean out said garage.

Most people would groan at the mere thought of such a task, but I’m looking forward to it. Why, you ask? Am I suffering from early dementia? Nope. Hidden in our garage stash are memories. It’s going to be fun to reminisce when we pluck a useless item, like the bread maker that made maybe 7 loaves and try to figure out why it was a desired object back when.

Add to that the fact that we should be able to make some money on  the other appliances, including cameras, game player, and even some furniture (2 perfect desks), and cleaning out the garage might even be profitable. Who knows—we may make enough $$$ to buy more useless stuff?

Happy Anniversary my Viking! Not a dull moment in all these years!

Love you always,



  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your Viking!!

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