Baltic Cruise, Day 7, At Sea!

Serenade of the SeasToday, the last day of our Baltic cruise, we are at sea. Since we celebrated two birthdays in our group yesterday, the Viking and I are in need of sustenance and a zillion gallons of water. Breakfast is a late and leisurely affair supplanted with mimosas. Talk about the hair of the dog.

Once more the weather is superb. The sky’s azure, the sun a golden globe, the breezes cooling and fresh, and the temperature perfect.

During the cruise, we made friends with two of the bartenders who man the pool bar. One’s a Trini, the other a Jamaican, and they urge us to partake of the noon BBQ and line dancing competition. Of course, with my broken toe, I opt out of dancing. I mean, if I can break my toe on a coffee table in my own TV room—can you imagine the damage I can do on a crowded deck on the high seas?


Somewhere along the line a call’s issued for tequila shots. I try to sneak away, but am quickly detained and must suffer through the lime and salt, and then a gel shot. Alas, it’s not even two in the afternoon and a nap beckons.

Dinner is somewhat bittersweet. Being as it’s our last night, I take a chance and order the escargot again. Sigh. It arrives stone cold.

Royal Caribbean will not be my first choice of cruise line in the future.

It’s been an amazing voyage with wonderful company, stunning destinations, and plain old fun, and I’m saddened that our group adventure draws to a close.


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