The Best Laid Plans…

party10First of all—-Happy New Year Everyone!

I know, I know, it’s very belated, but sit back, have a lot of wine, and listen to my story.

Okay, so I had everything from Christmas through the end of January planned down to the last detail. Since the whole family would be together for both Christmas Eve and Christmas, I decided to take a full week off, and simply enjoy my loved ones. This, I did, and never—not once even peeked at social media, the day job work, and writing. Such a delightful peaceful week even though it was filled with activity, a surprise party for the ‘wayward’ one (who vowed the day before he could not be surprised), an unexpected Billy Joel concert on New Year’s Eve (I had to post pics of that since we had second row seats), and a decadent brunch on January 1, 2017.billyjoel-2016

Of course, this meant that I was totally overwhelmed on all fronts from 01/02/2017 onward. The thing that happens when you work 24 x 7 to try and catch up is that your immune system takes a nosedive, and you end up sick as the proverbial dog in bed for 10 days. Being a stubborn gal and having decisive workaholic tendencies, I went back to the grind way too soon, and guess what? I relapsed.

Then, during my mind-fogged and drugged-up flu, I decided to post the blogs I’d planned for the first couple of weeks of January, and somehow managed to take down my own website.

Sigh, 2017 is not off to a fabulous start.

Today, I managed to restore a backup, and the site is once again functioning.

So, as of today, I’m back to square one, but worse. Why, you ask? Because now I have to catch up to that one wonderful vacation week of still outstanding work, and add another kazillion To Dos to the list. 

Have pity on me on this thankless Thursday