Rats, Cheese, & Anniversaries!

mouse with cheeseHiResIt fascinates me how people meet, fall in love, and marry. Perhaps that’s why I started writing romance novels (a real duh sentence there). Why am I on this topic?

Today is our 36th anniversary, 37th if you count the dating days.

What are the odds of a woman from an obscure Caribbean Island meeting, falling in love with, and marrying a man who grew up in a tiny Dutch hamlet?

Not Powerball, but maybe Lotto.

Every anniversary I marvel at my luck and send a secret thanks to fate.

Thirty-seven years together and not only do we still love each other, we like each other. I have more fun with the dh than anyone else. Our three boys are all grown and out of the house (as of Wednesday – whoo-hoo!) and we’re looking forward to time alone together.

There’s a Trini saying that’s particularly apt for the occasion – For every rat there’s a piece of cheese.

I found my cheese and I’ll be nibbling on him today (couldn’t resist).

Have a great one!