Welcome to the Night Owl Review’s Find Your Next Great Read Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to Night Owl Review’s Find Your Next Great Read Scavenger Hunt, which runs from March 1 to March 30th!

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The whole notion of the scavenger hunt intrigues me. How do you decide which book is a fabulous read?

After attending many romance conferences and talking to a ton of avid readers, I’m still confused as to the answer to that question.

I’ve met people who devour one genre and one genre only. There are those who have three or four favorite genres and those that care nothing about genre, but more about the authors voice. These guys have a core of authors they support and will not deviate from those writers no matter what.

Many readers tell me they hate complicated plots (stay away from my books if you fall into that grouping—I looove a good mystery) and want a simple HEA start to finish. A great many fall into the if-I-don’t-cry-it’s-not-a-great-book faction. Still another troop have to laugh out loud to call a novel one of the best. Some won’t read anything but alpha heroes, others prefer Amazon warrior women.

For me, some of the oldies are the books I go back to time and time again. Here’s my list of great reads (and not in any particular order):

Pride and Prejudice & every book by Jane Austen
Only Mine
Jane Eyre
MacKenzie’s Mountain
Gone With The Wind
Whitney My Love
Flowers From The Storm
It Had To Be You
Midnight Angel
The Flame and The Flower
Come Dream of Me
Devil’s Club
Son of The Morning

And those are just the books that popped into my mind right away. The list goes on and on…does yours?

What makes a book a great read for you? Do you have faves that you return to time and time again?

It’s March and there’s definitely going to be a Freebie Friday this month—heck who knows—maybe more than one *wink wink*.

So, stay tuned for some quirky surprises!