Bah Humbug! Who made Ladies’ Night Illegal?

AppletiniDid you know that Ladies’ Nights is deemed illegal in California, Maryland, and Pennsylvania?

Go figure.

Is this not the height of stupidity? Do our Supreme Courts have that much time on their hands? What idiotic lawyer took this issue to such a level? Should we not be focusing on the ‘real’ problems?

There was a sit-com on television in the seventies called Barney Miller. I remember well one episode where one of the prisoners was a man who claimed to come from the future. During the show, the man delcared that in the year 2020, the government banned all lawyers and made them illegal. I think the time has come for us to consider such an action.

It’s Friday and here in Florida, Ladies Night is not only legal, but celebrated. I realize it’s only nine in the morning, but guess what — I just decided what the dh and I are doing tonight. We’re heading to our local watering hole. I’m ordering my newly discovered favorite drink, two for one Appletinis during Happy Hour, and then drinking them half-priced for the rest of the night because guess what – it’s fricking Ladies Night!!!