Death Blow wins Passionate Plume’s Best Historical 2012!

DeathBlowWhat a way to start the week.

Yesterday, I discovered Death Blow won the Passionate Plume’s Best Historical of 2012!!!

And it got better – Malice Striker came in third in the contest *grinning from ear to ear*.

Scout’s honor honest – I was so thrilled to be included as a finalist with authors, Cari Silverwood, Gem Sivad, and Sabrina York, that I didn’t care about winning *secret smile*. It, however, always feels good to be number one.

Congrats to all the winners!

Here’s the actual announcement:

Passionate Ink is Proud to Announce its 8th Annual Passionate Plume Published Winners!


1.    Death Blow    by Jianne Carlo

2.    Pinch of Naughty    by Gem Sivad

3.    Malice Striker    by Jianne CarloMaliceStriker

4.    Folly    by Sabrina York

5.    Rough Surrender    by Cari Silverwood


1.    Unleashed     by Crystal Jordan

2.    Nightfall    by Robyn Bachar

3.    FrankenDom    by Robin L. Rotham

4.    Tangled Web  by Christa McHugh

5.    Other Oceans: Book 2 of the Hook & Jill Saga    by Andrea Jones

6.    Mayan Inferno    by A.S. Fenichel


1.    Night Games    by Crystal Jordan

2.    Cat Scratch Fever    by Jodi Redford

3.    Hero Revealed    by Anna Alexander

4.    Wicked Wonderland    by Lisa Whitefern

5.    Embrace Me at Dawn    by Shayla Black


1.    Tex-Mex Sex Hex    by Maggie Montgomery

2.    Ink Lust    by Jayne Kingston

3.    Free For All    by Jayne Rylon

4.    Passion Pill    by Kelli Scott

5.    Blind Passion    by Kelli Scott


1. Temptation’s Edge    by Eden Bradley

2. Adam’s Obsession    by Sabrina York

3. Private Dancer    by Kimberly Dean

4. Darkest Sin    by Mandy Harbin

5. A Dom is Forever    by Lexi Blake

Have a great Monday!