Googlers and Google Earth!

IMG_1362So we had a fabulous visit with our son in California. My mind’s finally settled and I won’t be worrying so much about our ‘wayward one’ anymore (does the concern about your kids ever go away?). About his comfort or health or where he’s living, anyway.
Now I have a new set of worries. Google spoils their employees. To the max. Lordy, you would not believe how great these Googlers (their term for themselves) have it. Not only is the campus stunning, but the weather and climate in Mountain View is purrrrfect. Really.

Our son says it’s rained once in the six months he’s been here.   IMG_1365IMG_1382

Of course, it stormed and thundered the day we arrived. Go figure.

One of the coolestIMG_1387 things we saw (and there were tons of way cool stuff) on the campus was the Google Earth 180 degree interactive Earth Map. Let me tell you this with absolute confidence – privacy, as we know it, is dead.

We started out with the globe spinning and, in less than 7 seconds, we zeroed in on our backyard. Incredible and scary.




Over the next couple of days, I’ll post the wine country pics. Oysters, champagne, wine, bread, and cheese—life can’t get much better with that combination. 🙂

On another note – I finished the free read that my blog group, the Love, Lust, & Laptops ladies are doing for Halloween. My story’s The Jack of Hearts and I’ll start posting excerpts on October 1st. We’ll have a free read for you (and sometimes 2) every week in October until Halloween!