Tantalizing Thor’s Day with Ann Gimpel and Icy Passage!

This tantalizing Thor’s Day Ann Gimpel is treating us to a teaser excerpt from her latest work, Icy Passage. Icy Passage releases on February 5, 2105, but is available for pre-order now:

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Icy_Passage-Ann_Gimpel-mockup1Lethal cultures, bizarre illness, and political intrigue create an unlikely backdrop for love in Antarctica, the last true frontier.

Fresh out of residency, Dr. Kayna Quan opts for a tour in Antarctica. Money is short, so she hires on as medical officer aboard a Russian research vessel headed for McMurdo Station. Primed for almost anything, she plays her paranormal ability close to the vest. Being odd man out in a world where most don’t believe in magic makes her wary and feisty.

Brynn McMichaels has been stationed on remote South Georgia Island for two years, and he’s eager for a change. When cultures of the single-celled organism, archaea, overgrow their bins in his lab and begin shifting into another form, he worries he’s losing his mind and talks with scientists at McMurdo, but they have problems of their own—bad ones. After he hears about them, Brynn agrees to help. The weather’s too uncertain to send a plane, so he hitches a ride aboard Kayna’s ship and brings his mutant culture colonies along.

Attraction sparks, hot and powerful, between Brynn and Kayna, but her disclosure about her magic is a tough nut to crack. It doesn’t help that her dead father is stalking her. Lethal cultures, bizarre illness, and McMurdo’s refusal to let them land force Brynn and Kayna into an uneasy alliance. Will their fragile bond be enough to thwart the powers trying to destroy Earth, and them along with it?


 Excerpt from Icy Passage:

…Kayna swallowed uncertainty, not sure what to say. “Your life sounds so barren.” A lot like mine, actually. “Are you married?”

“Why, Doctor.” He cocked his head to one side, but didn’t stop running his thumb along her jawline. “What a leading question.”

“Are you going to answer it?” Her throat was dry, and she’d never been more aware of a man’s presence. He was alive, electric. If she closed the few inches between their faces, she could taste his lips. He wouldn’t rebuff her. She sensed his interest, but the wife question was important. The raven spread its wings, flew a few feet, and settled again. Approval gleamed from his eyes. Kayna did a double take. Her spirit guide had never showed his beak in all the years she was with Derek, but he was certainly front and center tonight.

It’s almost as if he’s giving Brynn his seal of approval…

Oh for the love of Pete. I’m extrapolating all over the f**king place.

Brynn’s voice took on a husky note. “I had a girlfriend, another M.D. We were together for years. She wanted more than I could give. Eventually, she left me.” He glanced down and Kayna sensed his internal conflict, raw and palpable, before he met her gaze again. “I don’t blame her. I wasn’t very…present.”

“Maybe, she’d still be open to—”

Brynn shook his head. “Too much bad water under the bridge. She told me not to find her after she left. I ignored that wish, exactly like I’d ignored most of her other ones.” A muscle twitched beneath one of his eyes, betraying tension. “The row we had once I tracked her down wasn’t pretty. Not too long after that, I landed a job with a British bioresearch firm and left for South Georgia Island.”

“We have at least a few things in common,” she murmured.

“Like what?” He inscribed small circles on her cheek before moving his hand down her neck.

“I had a boyfriend—another doc, like your partner—but he dumped me once I told him I was going to McMurdo for a year.”

Brynn looked at her, his eyes brimming with emotions he probably didn’t let out to play often. When he angled his head and closed his mouth over hers, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and drew him close. Hard planes of muscle met her fingertips, and she reveled in how good he felt. His crisp masculine scent, sandalwood and amber, eddied about her. When he ran his tongue along the seam in her lips, she opened her mouth and welcomed him. He tasted sweet like the scotch, and his lips became harder and more demanding as she let him explore her mouth.

Brynn threaded his arms around her and buried a hand in her hair, cradling the back of her head. Her breath quickened, and her nipples hardened where they pressed against his chest. It had been months since she’d had sex. Even before her blowup with Derek, he hadn’t touched her in a long time. Need licked at her, hot and urgent, in a rush of hormones all too aware her biological clock was running out of time. Encouragement glittered in the raven’s eyes, and she felt him urge her on.

It would be easy to stretch out on the cushions, slide her tights down, and draw Brynn into her. Too easy. Her body screamed for release, but common sense intruded and she pulled away, panting slightly. “You’re a very attractive man, but this isn’t a good idea.”

“Bad call,” the raven spoke up.

Holy crap snackers! I’ve had too much to drink.

Kayna made a grab for rationality, but the raven stayed put, no longer talking, but with his avian attention glued to her.

“I’d try to argue,” Brynn said, his voice thick with need, “except I agree.” He kneaded the back of her neck. It felt heavenly and she leaned into his touch. “Not that I don’t want to make love with you,” his gaze, dark gold now, bored into her, “because I do. Very much. But I want to take this slow. Get to know you.”

His words made something warm and fluttery begin in her belly and spread outward. She untangled her arms from his body and got to her feet. “We’ll have time to figure this out.”

“Maybe,” he said carefully, and something in his voice—perhaps regret—snared her attention.

“Why maybe?”

“You’re staying at McMurdo. I plan to go home after a couple weeks there.”

With her body buzzing from his touch, and her spirit guide still making his presence—and opinion—known, she murmured, “One step at a time. We’ll see how things unfold.”

Brynn looked at her, his hazel gaze unreadable. “It’s been a long day. Both of us should try to get some sleep.”

She nodded and made her way out of the bar, lurching with the ship’s motion. Brynn had his secrets, like she had hers. She sensed his inner turmoil with her paranormal antennae. It was unlikely he could see into her with the same level of accuracy, but none of that mattered. Whether they’d even arrive at McMurdo remained to be seen.

Hell, he may not be able to live with my secrets even if we make McMurdo.

And I might not be able to stomach his.

Secrets aside, why did my raven show up?…



What a sizzling exceprt – thanks Ann for titillating us today!

Ann GimpelAnn Gimpel Bio:
Ann Gimpel is a national bestselling author. She’s also a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent. Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing. A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies. Her longer books run the gamut from urban fantasy to paranormal romance. She’s published over 25 books to date, with several more contracted for 2015 and beyond.
A husband, grown children, grandchildren and three wolf hybrids round out her family.

Contact Ann:
@AnnGimpel (for Twitter)


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Happy Thors Day!


Guest Author – Dakota Trace!

dakota - bloghop graphic

Today my guest is fellow romance author Dakota Trace who’s going to give us a sexy teaser from her new release Wolfen Bonds. The teaser’s part of Dakota’s Blog Hop for Wylfen Bonds release!

Dakota - DT_WolfenBonds_coverlgBlurb:

The Council of Elders has charged Matthias Galloway with bringing the once prosperous Taghte Pack back into the Council’s fold. In exchange for his services, Matthias names his terms: he wants to claim his longtime lover and friend, Andrew, as his mate.

Nephew of a powerful alpha, Andrew Gilchrist has long been a coveted commodity because of his services as a healer. Neither expects the Council to agree to Mathias’s terms, leaving him free, finally, to claim his chosen mate. Even more unexpected is the presence of a third-bond to appear during their mating ritual.

The grandchildren of the slain alpha of the Taghte pack, Colleen Donghall and her twin brother, were whisked away at birth. They’re still kept hidden from those who would harm them. Raised in seclusion, Colleen’s never experienced lust, let alone the bond between mates. On the night of lunar eclipse, she’s drawn into Matthias and Andrew’s passionate claiming, and her dormant libido is powerfully awoken. 

But it’s nothing compared to the lust and danger that will stalk her and her mates, when she arrives in Scotland.


Publisher: http://www.loose-id.com/wolfen-bonds.html

Now here’s the tantalizing teaser :Dakota - Horace - Jianne

Trailing after the determined muse in front of her, Colleen wanted to pull her hair out. How had this become such a fiasco? Sure, she probably shouldn’t have taken the torque off, but damn it, was everyone in the pack going to have handled it by the time she got it back?

“Oh quit your pouting.” Livvy tossed over her shoulder. “We’ll get it back and Nevin will be none the wiser.”

“So you think.” Colleen muttered softly. She knew her mentor. At times, she swore he had eyes in the back of his head. A muffled grunt escaped her as she suddenly plowed into the woman in front of her.

“So I know.” Livvy grinned, obviously having a grand old time. “It’s all part and parcel of being slave’s muse. I know how things turn out before they happen.”

“Unless of course, Dakota changes her mind.” Colleen turned to look down at Aine as she scanned the empty great hall. “Are you sure you saw Horace in here, sweetheart?”

Aine nodded. “Ollie told me that the beta came in here just a little bit ago.”

“Okay then it stands to reason he’d still be around, doesn’t it?” She tugged on the little girl’s braid, and then looked up at the readers. “For those of you who are new, I’m Colleen and the heroine of Dakota Trace’s newest book, Wolfen Bonds. A few days ago, I misplaced the seer torque that my mentor gave to me – so Livvy, Dakota’s muse, is helping me find it.”

Livvy wandered over by the hearth. “And don’t forget about the grand prize. Slave will be pissed if we don’t mention the pretty cool prize we’re giving away.”

Colleen crossed her arms over her chest. “I see what you’re concerned about…and it’s not finding my torque.”

Livvy arched a brow at her. “Damn straight. The last time I screwed up, slave cut off my chocolate supply for a month. It’s bad enough she keeps shoving salads at me…but to take the chocolate…” she shook her head. “Not gonna chance that again. A muse has got to have her fix.” Then she disappeared through a door at the far end of the hall.

“Really?” Colleen called after the retreating muse. “You’re leaving me to tell them about the grand prize?” When there was a no answer, Collen sighed. “I guess that’s a yes. So here’s the scoop. Dakota is giving way a nifty little prize basket. It’ll have a copy of my book in it, a lovely replica of my torque, along with a few other goodies. To enter all you have to do is enter the name on the graphic below along with site you found it on in the google form at the end of this post. Dakota will then be drawing a random winner on the 25th at her Wrap Up Party on Facebook.”

Aine tugged on Colleen’s sleeve. “Don’t forget about the stop prize.” She smiled, the gap in her teeth showing. “Readers can win a set of Dakota’s Doms of Chicago’s books. All they have to do is put their name and email thingie in the comments, right Ms. Colleen?”

“You’re correct. It’s easy.” She sighed. “Easier than finding my torque has been.” She gave Aine’s hand a squeeze.

“Woo-hoo…look what I found?” Livvy reappeared, tugging on a large man’s arm.   “Readers, this hunk of a man is Horace, the Taghte Pack Beta. And he was just telling me that he had Colleen’s torque but after a bit of a disagreement, he ended up giving it to Sara to clean off for him. ”

Colleen sighed. “Okay, so why did you give it to the housekeeper?”

“Ummm, it was covered in blood?” The tall blond flushed. “I had a minor disagreement with a pack member and when I went into the kitchen to clean it off, well Sara ran me off.” The flush spread. “I marked up her floors again.”

“And you left my Seer’s Torque with the housekeeper?”

He nodded. “Yeah. She has a mean streak in her. She asks for something and we give it or pay the consequences. She has a mean right hook.”

“Fine.” Colleen turned to the readers. “So it looks we like we’re no closer than we started. So join me tomorrow at The Love of Bookends blog and maybe we’ll be one-step closer.

BUY LINK:  http://www.loose-id.com/wolfen-bonds.html

Dakota is a simple Midwest girl, who found her passion in storytelling at a young age. She wrote her first novel her freshman year on an old electric IBM typewriter. Now writing in several different genres from erotic romance and BDSM to m/m and paranormal, she is a published author with multiple books under her belt. When she isn’t writing, she’s a devoted band mom and a loving wife.

Dakota’s Website: http://www.dakotatrace.net/
Dakota’s Blog: http://alittlebitofnaughty.blogspot.com/
Dakota’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dakotatrace
Dakota’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakota75

Have fun on the Blog Hop Dakota & thanks for being my guest!



Interview with Kayelle Allen & Preview of Fifty Gays of Shade

Before I get into today’s post and guest author, I promised to post the winners of the Lucky in Love Blog hop and here they are:

            Winner of a copy of Manacled in Monaco – Ashley A

            Winner of a copy of The Bear and The Bride – Katharina, Ellen

Please contact me within 5 days to claim your prize. I’ll also be announcing this on Facebook & Twitter.


It’s my pleasure today to interview award winning author, Kayelle Allen. Not only is Kayelle an EPIC award winner (2010 for Surrender Love), she is one of the most ardent proponents of writer support in the industry.

Kayelle is the founder of Marketing for Romance Writers and Romance Lives Forever, two author-centric Yahoo! Groups with well over a thousand members each, and the founder and CEO of The Author’s Secret a graphics design company providing ebook conversion and design services to authors.

You have to visit Kayelle’s website, however, to begin to understand the depths of her talents. Composed of over 100 pages, her site is—to me anyway—a portal to the world of her books. The detail and graphics that went into the creation of the Tarthian Tour Company alone boggles the mind.

Q. Kayelle – even the notion of creating such a complex and involved site scares me – did you start out with the idea of creating the world of your books online?

Thank you, Jianne. I created it to be a portal. Originally, I planned to write a companion book to go along with my SciFi books, but when I created the website, I realized it would be a perfect place to share some of that material. One thing I wanted was for readers to step out of the books and into the site and be able to visit the same places the characters did. There’s a tour of the empire, plus Imperinet, which is the Imperial Internet. Almost any place mentioned in the books has a page on the website. There are also some hidden places for readers to find. If you see something that looks out of place, point to it, and see what hint it offers. If you end up on the wrong page, you’ll see the Imperinet 404 page, which has a NETway technician’s humorous rant about inferior workers, union scabs, badly fitting parts, and those infernal rebel scum.

Q. Do you do all your own programming for the site? Are you self-taught?

Yes, I do all of it, and I did teach myself. I read, researched, practiced, did things terribly wrong wrong wrong and had to relearn some things that I’d been doing backwards. Most of the art is either by my son, or me. I’ve purchased a few stock pieces, but probably 95% is original. We didn’t do the book covers. Well, we did the ones on the Free Reads page, but not the others.

Q. Have you always wanted to write sci-fi?

Yes. I grew up reading it, watching it on TV, and hearing stories at home. I also love Regency Romance, Historicals, Contemporary, and non-fiction. I read several books a week.

Q. What was your inspiration for the Tarthian Empire?

I wrote a future history in (very) broad strokes to cover 10k years, and had the idea that genetic manipulation would cause mankind to divide into various camps. The “human pure” would stick to the Terran sector on this side of the galaxy, while the more radically altered would be isolated on the far side. The Tarthian Empire is mostly made up of humans, and in the current story line, the last twenty years have introduced non-humans to the fold. The Kin are catlike, the Tyran are like satyrs, and the Chiasmii are truly androgynous creatures who can switch genders every season. Swirling into the mix are immortals who were once Earth’s finest warriors, but who proved to be too dangerous. They were exiled and isolated on a far planet, and after thousands of years, have fought their way to freedom. Earth has relegated them to myth — but to the immortals, humans are due payback. I began the immortals’ story by setting it on Tarth. They plan to work their way across the galaxy to Earth, and are spreading out, infiltrating Earth’s allies who could stand against them when the time comes. So this is just the first wave of stories.

Q. You’ve created languages and races for your novels – what inspired you to do that and where do you get your ideas?

As a kid (maybe age 10 or 12), I read the book The Languages of Pao, by Jack Vance, which had the concept that you could create a civilization by tweaking its language. I thought what if you also tweaked the genetic make up of the inhabitants? If you gave them catlike qualities, and a language to match, how would they become different? That theory formed the basis for the languages of my Kin people. It’s a mix of French, Cherokee, Latin, and English, with other sounds added to create a catlike mix. They say “Ffffftt!” for the F-word. 😉 Some things are direct translations. “Wah doh” is Cherokee for thank you. That’s also the formal way of saying thanks in Felis, the Kin language. But when they’re being informal and friendly, they also say “Skah.” An H is used to indicate a breathy pause. The words “te hahr” mean “my heart” and it’s a term of endearment abbreviated to “t’hahr.” To say it, you would breathe the first H sound. The second one, at the end of the word, means to hold the vowel for a beat longer. I based it on the sounds of Cherokee (Tsalagi), and what I felt a cat might sound like if it was combined with human DNA to create a sentient being. I’m no linguist, but I did research how languages are formed, and how they’re recorded.

Q.  The graphics on the site are incredible, and I noticed that you now do book trailers, buttons, banners, and much more through The Author’s Secret – what motivated this venture?

I love doing this stuff, and one day I was thinking, “Gee, I wish I could get paid to do this for other people.” It hit me that there was no reason I couldn’t. I set up the company in 2011, and have been working at it ever since. I just added a partner to do ebook conversions as well. We’re about to launch that along with some other wonderful features.

Q.  Do you have any plans to write other genres?

I do. I have a Contemporary BDSM Romance coming out later this year from Ellora’s Cave. It’s called Keeper of My Pleasure, and is set in Atlanta Georgia. I live in the metro area, so it was fun to write about places and details that I know well. I also have an audiobook called The Last Vhalgenn, which is mainstream fantasy. Although to be honest, I’m thinking of doing a sequel to that and having it turn out the world they live on is inside the Tarthian Empire. It would be a cool first contact story.

Q. What’s your latest release? Can we get a sneak preview?

Fifty Gays of Shade is out from Torquere Press. The book is edited by Kiernan Kelly, with stories by Kiernan Kelly, Kayelle Allen, KC Burn, Lydian Harker, CR Guilano, Sascha Illyvich, Wt Prater, Emily Moreton, CC Bridges, Wade Kelly, CB Conwy, DC Juris, Amelia June, KC Wells, Winnie Jerome, PT Walden, and Sean Michael.



Welcome to Shady Business, the hottest gay BDSM club in town. Owned by Grey Shade, it’s the place you want to be if you’re into leather, whips, crops, and hot and steamy sex.

Each story in this anthology takes the reader inside the club for a steamy, hot night filled with passion, sex, and leather. From love stories that pluck at the heartstrings with riding crops to subs masquerading as Doms, from virginal first-time forays into the scene, to tales of experienced members in the leather community, there’s something for every reader here. Top or bottom, Dom or sub, every need is met, every desire filled.

At Shady Business, no good deed ever goes unpunished.

My story is called “Bill Me.” When a member of Shady Business returns from a hiatus, and meets a new member searching for a proper identity — and a master who’ll help him find it.

Here’s a peek for you!

“Is that you, Erik?”

I turned to see who had used my name so freely in one of the country’s premier BDSM clubs, and found the club’s owner walking toward me. “Hello, Shade.” I accepted his firm handshake. “Long time no see. You look fit as always.” The man wore a black leather hat, black zipped leather shorts, boots, and had a chain wrapped around one wrist.

“I could say the same.” He raked his gaze down me. “Damn, man. Where the hell have you been? I heard you relocated again.”

I shrugged. “You know me. Never could settle anywhere.”

“Let’s grab a drink.” Shade led me deeper into the club, away from the noisy stage and DJ.

We passed the elevator, and sidestepped around a laughing couple exiting the bathroom. From their tousled appearance, it took little imagination to guess what they’d been doing in there. Had house rules changed? Shade rubbed a spot between his brows and pretended not to notice. He continued through reception, and used a keycard to open a passageway to his office and the play room area.

Gesturing between the two, he quirked his brows, giving me a choice of location. I opted for the privacy of his office, and he opened the door.

Little had changed here, other than a few additional awards on the wall. I sat in the leather chair opposite his desk. He flipped open a cabinet and withdrew a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, handing me one. Shade surprised me by dropping into the chair next to mine. He poured generously, set down the bottle, and leaned back.

“You want to tell me what’s up?” He gazed at me over the rim of the glass while he sipped.

I swirled the whiskey, gave it a sniff, and smiled over at him. “What do you mean?”

He pulled a face. “We going to play a head game or are you going to tell me what brings you here — wearing a three piece suit– after fifteen months away?”

“Fifteen months? What, were you counting the days?”

“You were here for my birthday party for the past five years, and then missed it last year. I happen to know yours is in three days. We always celebrated together when you were in town. So yeah, I fuckin’ know the number of days.” He downed the rest of his drink, set aside the glass, and folded his arms across his beefy chest. “What’s with the suit?”

“In town on business.” I hesitated, but remembered this was Shade I was talking to, and sighed. “Corey moved out six weeks ago.”

“No shit? You okay?”

“Yeah. Now.”

Shade shook his head. “I’m sorry, Erik. You here to get back in the saddle?”

I took a slug of the whiskey, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and then finished it. “Figured it’s time.”

He sat forward. “Looking for the same type?”

“Hell, no. Older. He was twenty when we met. I need someone a little less…” While I struggled for the best description, Shade supplied an apt one.

“Full of shit?”

We both laughed. He poured me another drink. The sound of the liquid sloshing into the glass filled the silence in my head.

“Yeah. That’d work.” I sipped.

“We’ve got some new talent. You walk in wearing that suit, and they’ll be licking your shoes.”

I polished off the drink, and refused another. “Not really what I want licked tonight.”


Torquere Press http://is.gd/50gaysofshade

Amazon http://amzn.com/B00BFFPK86/

ARe http://is.gd/50gaysofshade_ARe

Author site http://kayelleallen.com/exc-fifty.html

ISBN 9781610404334


Author Bio:

Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, EPIC Award winning author. She writes Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Mainstream Fantasy, BDSM, and non-fiction. She likes to attend Science Fiction conventions, and has been a speaker at DragonCon, Outlantacon, and Gaylaxicon. She is a US Navy Veteran, and founded her own graphics company. Kayelle is married to her personal hero. They make their home in the southeast.

Homeworld http://kayelleallen.com

Blog http://kayelleallen.blogspot.com

Twitter http://twitter.com/kayelleallen

Facebook http://facebook.com/kayelle.allen

Giveaway: Thank you for popping in to read today. As my gift, please accept The Tarthian Empire Companion Book, First Edition. This is 23 pages of images and info about Tarth and all the other places in the empire. When you click it, this will either offer you a download, or open in a new window, depending on your settings. To read it, you need Adobe Reader, available free.

What a ride!

I am fascinated, intrigued, and bemused by the sheer amount of different Kayelle Allen talents – graphics, programming (self-taught too), design, and writing. I can only do one of those and sometimes question even that ability.

Thank you, thank you, Kayelle, for this beguiling peek into your world. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.