Christmas is Coming Way Too Soon!!!

Usually I do my Christmas shopping in August, but this year the wedding of my middle son and his beautiful wife was the focal point of my agenda, and I lost track of time. So, all of a sudden Christmas is upon me, and I’m woefully unprepared. Add to that, a constant line of house guests from October onward, the fact that November to April is the busiest period as far as work’s concerned, and the end result is — Christmas is coming way too fricking soon.

I suggested to the family that we push the day forward by a week — total thumbs down reaction.

At least, now I’ve got the tree up, and my dancing Snoopy’s taken the grinch out of my mood!



Merry Christmas To All!

christmas tree


Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love everything about it. I get to buy presents for the people I love. No one can nag me about spoiling everyone outrageously. And people are smiling and grinning and simply being nice.

I’ve neglected my blog and am late in getting contest wins to everyone, but I swear all will be merry and nice before the day is out. My three sons are home, my mom comes in on Saturday, and my middle son has his golden birthday on Monday (that’s like when you turn 13 and you were born on the thirteenth).

This year (*blush*—every year), I’m wallowing in family and joy and happiness. My wish for all of you, my friends, colleagues, and readers is the very same. I hope every single one of you is surrounded by all your loved ones.

Here’s my favorite Christmas Video – hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!