Hunkering Down in the That Pearly Drops Edits Cave!

castle no people (2)I’m in edits for That Pearly Drop, Murphy’s Laws of Time Travel #1. Yay! Unlike most authors, I relish being in the editing cave. It’s an incredible, intense period and my editor and I, in this case the fabulous Georgia Woods, get to focus on one thing and one thing only – making the book better.

The three castles on this post were all used in writing That Pearly Drop. The first pic to the left is of Bamburgh Castle on an island in Northumberland, England. The castle has been privately owned by the Armstrong family since the late nineteenth century, but is open to the public. I liked the isolation of the castle and the incredible skyline of the turrets.

The second photo below is one G found somewhere in Europe. That Pearly Drop is a dark time travel paranormal and the moon in this picture and the clouds provide the perfect backdrop for the edginess of the novel.canstockphoto0183128 (2)

Here’s a shot of Clearwell Castle, the actual inspiration for Wye Castle.
A few years back, the dh and I attended a wedding at Clearwell Castle, and it was during that weekend I decided to write a romance novel. That Pearly Drop was the first book I ever finished, but I lost the whole thing two weeks after typing The End when my PC burst into flames, and I didn’t have – you guessed it – a backup. This January my mom was cleaning out my room in Trinidad and she found a backup of my first draft on a CD. I started reading it and decided to totally re-write it. And here we are today.

Yum. All we need now is the hunky shape shifter who’s descended from the God, Taranis, on there and I’ll be in heaven.
What do you think?

Have a great hump day. I’m going off to play my favorite Geico commercial – here’s the link if you need a fix too: