TGIF – No Kidding ?#$^*!

Emoticon What a week I’ve had.

First, there were the normal April end-of-tax-month work emergencies.

I finally resolved all of those late Saturday and decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi. The dh treated me to dinner, and I wore a new earring necklace combination. We went out to a fabulous Italian restaurant and had a great time.

The next morning the dh notices a rash around my neck. Smiley  Two hours later, I start itching like a flea-infested gorilla.

Wonderful. A new allergy. Fine. I put on my big-girl panties and take a strong antihistamine.

On the following evening, we come home to find that our kitchen fridge/freezer’s not working and the defrosted water’s everywhere. We eat a ton of seafood. You gotta imagine the stench. Now you have to understand that our garage fridge had stopped working in January and we decided, since it’s just the two of us, we didn’t need it anymore. We call our friendly repair man and, two days and numerous coolers and packs of ice later, the kitchen fridge is working again.

Right on that day the dh leaves to visit his buddy for his birthday.

Everything’s hunky dory. I’m even looking forward to a couple of days of intense concentration on my current WIP,  Torch the Wind.

Dumb me. Smiley

I drop the dh to the airport. The traffic is ridiculously slow – it’s rush hour. The dh informs me that I’ll be going against traffic on the way back, so it should be easy.


Not only does a tractor trailer overturn on the highway, and it takes me two hours to get to my exit, but there’s an accident at the gated entrance to my community.

*Banging head on desk* Three hours later, I finally make it back home.

That same afternoon, my mom’s due to arrive from Trinidad.  She flies into the Ft. Lauderdale airport and usually, her pickup’s a breeze. Actually, the last few times her plane has landed early and she’s been outside waiting for me.

SmileyHa again!

I head to the airport with my Kindle and proceed to wait in the cell phone area for her call. An hour and a half AFTER her flight’s listed as arrived – NADA. Zilch, nothing, no phone call. I contact my sons, ask them to check her flight status. The electronic board listing’s correct. She did arrive two hours earlier. Finally, I park, go in, and find out that the whole immigration network’s down, and they’ve been processing all flights manually.

We don’t make it home from the airport until 8:30PM from a flight that arrived at 4:15PM!!!!!


I did what any semi-insane woman would do in that situation. I bought a bottle of wine and a lottery ticket!