A Four Year Conundrum…

For four interminable years, I’ve been unable to put pen to paper for anything other than boring IT technicalities. Finally, last month, I woke up at four in the morning with the idea for – not just one series – but two. Go figure. It’s always been go big or go home for me. So, now my writer’s brain is on overload and I’m frantically going from one tale to another.

Luckily for me – or perhaps it’s just how I’m wired – one series is historical and one very much contemporary – as in COVID-19 contemporary – so it’s muy facil to switch back and forth.

A whole ton has happened in four years.

First, my publisher – Hartwood Publishing – the CEO, Georgia Woods, my longtime mentor and, indeed, the person I credit for my writing career – decided to close down for financial reasons in the first quarter of this dreadful year.

Because Georgia is who she is – a remarkable, ethical, and honorable woman – all the rights to my books were returned to me in a timely, professional manner (kudos to Georgia and Lisa). I’m aiming to self publish my books in 2021 beginning with the Hades Squad series, but I intend to first finish the series by writing Jinn, Volac, and Nikar’s tales.

That means expect to see the return of the Hades Squad either second or third quarter 2021. Even though Georgia’s now retired, I’m hoping to persuade her to do the covers for the final three books and redo the design of the first five novels…love those covers.

I’ve also decided to publish all my historical stories under another pen name to simplify everything…anyone have suggestions? I’ve a couple of pseudonyms in mind, but haven’t settled on anything as yet.

While I’ve never been an avid blogger – is that still a thing in this Tik Tok age?- I intend to keep anyone who’s still interested in my tales posted on how things are progressing right here on this home/blog page. So stay tuned for irregular excerpts, news, and the odd, facetious musings.

I’m back and I sincerely hope it’s all for the good…