Stress, Humor, & The Rest!


It’s unavoidable in our always-in-touch, not-enough-hours-in-a-day world.

Exactly what does the word, stress, mean?

The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as the brain’s response to any demand. According to this organization there’s a positive side to stress. When we’re in danger, the stress response triggers body reactions, which can be life-saving: faster pulse, increased rate of breathing, muscle tension, more oxygen to the brain, all reactions crucial for survival. Stress can even boost the immune system.

Hooping Hoorah! *snort*.

If you’re like me, there’s no good side to being stressed out. The funny aspect of stress is that nine out of ten times, I don’t realize that I’m stressed out until my body reacts – my allergies flare up, or I come down with a flu.

This year I’ve resolved to do what we Trinis call ‘take in front’. The equivalent of the best form of defense is offense. My way of dealing with stress is to do the things that make me relax: Watching funny YouTube shorts, cooking, a mind-numbing Zumba class, gardening, reading, taking a walk on the beach, you get the drift.

Since my day job’s in finance, April is a cruel month—the tax man cometh.

I’m cramming all my stress relievers into this weekend. Here’s my YouTube short stress relief:

On Friday night, the dh and I visited the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival—so yum, and such a soothing setting. Imagine sitting in a cool breeze on a pier while sipping wine, slurping briny oysters, and watching and listening to an Eagles tribute band on the beach. Heaven.

 PBSF - hotel view

PBSF beach PBSF Stage

PBSF stage 2  IMG_1903


Saturday, I whipped up this incredible Tomato Carpaccio using locally grown heirloom tomatoes. Pure foodie paradise. My mouth’s watering thinking about it:

Tomato Carpaccion wo cheese             Tomato Carpaccio

Yesterday, the dh finally deemed the pool water temperature right for swimming. So, we lazed by the pool, drank margaritas, and barbequed steak and corn. Of course, then there’s the ultimate relaxer *wink wink* *nod nod*.

Today, I’m ready to face whatever Machiavellian Monday crises erupt!

Bring it on!