The Baltic Cruise Day 1!

Today, we left Stockholm on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas heading for Helsinki, Finland.

Because I knew we wouldn’t have access to our room on board the ship until after lunch and the morning dawned with a chill, I dressed in layers including a heavy sweater. How wrong could I be? Absolutely, it turns out, as we are once again, blessed with perfect weather! I had to shed garments and ended up wearing Florida summer clothing.

What a way to spend the day. Sailing on the seas, chatting with long-not-seen friends, sipping margaritas, and nibbling on snacks while enjoying spectacular vistas!

The journey to the mouth of the Baltic Ocean took about three hours and the passing scenery was breath-taking. Island upon island with bridges, highways, and cliff-perched houses with boats docked at the base multiplied exponentially. Here’s some of the pictures we managed to snap on the way out:



That last pic is from our balcony at around midnight. Still not used to the weird twilight. BTW, there were three cruise ships following in our wake. I snagged a shot of them. I anticipate crowded ports…

We met up with our group—a whopping 22 people including us—for drinks during the day and then dinner that night. Now, on my last cruise to Alaska (ten years ago) the food had been fantastic, and I was really looking forward to indulging.

A complete and utter disappointment the food served by the Serenade of the Sea’s kitchen!!! I ordered escargot for an appetizer. It was served stone cold. I sent it back three, yes 3 times!!! Not a single improvement. The main course, which was supposed to be fish, was a gelled glutinous mass with no texture whatsoever. As to the vegetables, soggy would be a kind description.

But, the company was excellent, the conversation titillating, and we all had a fabulous time!


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