Weekend Writing Warriors – 02/24/13

MaliceStrikerI’m taking part in the Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday. The rules are pretty simple and here they are:

Sign up at the Weekend Writing Warriors Site, then post 8 sentences of your writing, published or unpublished,  to go live after 12:00 noon on Saturday 2/16/13.  Then visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8 sentence posts.   Spread the word. Twitter hashtag #8sunday.

Vengeance Hammer, Viking Vengeance Book Three, tentative blurb:

Vengeance would be his. All Dráddør has to do is kill Arnfinn, the Earl of Caithness, wed and bed the man’s first-born daughter, Lady Xara, and he fulfills the oath made to his dying father. Revenge.

But fate cheats Dráddør.

He arrives at Caithness to find Arnfinn dead. Poisoned by his own wife.

When he discovers Lady Xára cannot speak, Dráddør marries her anyway to claim the lands and title knowing full well that King Kenneth could not fault him if he later casts Xára aside.

Desperate to protect her sister, Evie, and the woman all think of as her mother, Lady Jennie, Xára willingly weds the Viking, Dráddørr. She must win Dráddør to her side before he discovers the secret that will destroy them all.

In the following scene, the king’s law sayer demands Dráddør publicly consummate his vows with Lady Xára.

Here are my 8 sentences:

Your skin is soft,” he whispered, and trailed kisses over the plane of her cheekbone, “and you taste like nectar.”

Nectar, nay Valhalla, the paradisiacal reward all warriors sought. He could not get enough, dipped into the moist recesses, licked along the smooth evenness of her small teeth, tangled their tongues together, and suckled until she was tempted into play. She grew bolder and imitated his actions.

When he eased his hand under the cover and cupped her breast, Xára held still. He nipped the tip of her tongue and sipped at her lower lip.

She grasped his shoulder, squirmed closer, and thrust into his mouth.

Dráddør traced the circumference of her sweet titty, set his thumb to the nipple, and rolled her flesh gently.

Hope you enjoyed! Vengeance Hammer releases on May 17, 2013

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  1. Who knew those chilly vikings could be so hot! Book cover is looking good too.

  2. I want more!

  3. Great excerpt, very hot!!

  4. Er.. publicly? Yikes. But she doesn’t seem to be resisting 😉 Very hot. Can’t wait to learn more and see if she’s willing to go all the way.

    • Can yo imagine – a public deflowering? But a lot of women faced that back then and they couldn’t exactly say no, Mandy. So they made the best of it.

  5. Is it warm in here or is it just me?

  6. Whew (fans self)! Very hot snippet!

  7. Great premise, Jianne. The blurb promises plenty of intrigue. You painted a great image with words in this snippet!

  8. Quite a premise and this snippet was sweetly hot and sensual. Excellent excerpt!

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