A to Z Blog Challenge – A is for Aphrodisiac

APRIL-2013-CALENDAR-001I’m so excited to join in the A to Z blog challenge!!! Truly, I regard it as a terrific test and a wonderful kick-start to my new website. My topic for the entire 26 days will be romance, particularly erotic romance.

My structure will be as follows:

I am going to first list the pertinent words for the day and then discuss one of them in alphabetical order , of course.

A: aphrodisiac, ass, ambisexual, amour, anal intercourse, anorgasmia, areola, asexual, and autoeroticism.

The above is my list of sexy and/or erotic and/or romantic A words. Feel free to chime in with your own!

For the start of this blog – I choose the word Aphrodisiac.

Aphrodisiac definition: A food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire. A thing that causes excitement.

Human beings have been searching for the magical stimulant to put us in ‘the mood’ since the drag-‘em-by-the-hair caveman days. The desperate have eaten goat testicles boiled in milk, drank fresh snake blood, consumed reindeer penises, and imbibed ground rhino horn dissolved in water. In modern times, Spanish Fly (the dried remains of beetles which serve only to irritate the urogenital tract) and Ecstasy (actually a mood enhancing drug with a severe side effect of preventing arousal) have been the aphrodisiacs of choice.

In reality, all of the above have one thing in common – no once can prove any of them work. Sexual desire is a nebulous, confusing, and contrary issue. What arouses me may repulse you and vice versa. While that makes the hunt for a ‘true’ aphrodisiac virtually impossible, it’s also what makes the world go around – i.e. for every rat there is a particular piece of cheese.

Trust me—that’s actually a Trinidadian saying that translates to — for every man there is a woman and for every woman there is a man.

With that said, here’s a list of the top ten foods reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities: Oysters, Chocolate, Avocados, Chili Peppers, Bananas, Honey, Figs, Arugula, Asparagus, and Almonds. (What’s with all those A foods?)

I’ll send with this quote from Dr. William Granzig, dean of clinical sexology at Maimonides University in North Miami Beach and president of the American Board of Sexology.

“Your biggest sex organ is the one between your ears. What is desire, after all, other than the hope that you can fulfill your sexual fantasies. And that’s all in your mind.”

Every comment during the month of April will be entered into a contest to win one of my backlist books – your choice!

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  1. Very insightful post Jianne…thanks for sharing!

  2. I suspect it’s the setting rather than the food! And Hi from another A to Z’er.

  3. Very cool!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do all month!

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