Coundown to Vengeance Hammer Release – 1 day to go!

VengeanceHammer_ByJianneCarlo-453x6803 Days to go for Vengeance Hammer’s release!!

Yay – I am so excited *doing a snoopy happy dance* 🙂

For the next five days, I’ll be featuring excerpts from the last book in the Viking Vengeance trilogy, and running a quick contest for a free copy of Vengeance Hammer. Simply leave a comment and you’re entered! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 8, 2013.

I thought I’d celebrate the countdown by announcing the winners of the Let’s Get Lucky Blog Hop and the A to Z Challenge Blog Hop.

I loooove announcing winners.

Drum Roll….

The Let’s Get Lucky Blog Hop Winners are:

Terry Amber and FlChen!

The A to Z Challenge Blog Hop Winner is:

Angelica French!

Winners, please contact me ASAP to claim your prize.

And now for the big reveal – here is your first Vengeance Hammer Excerpt:

Vengeance lost.

Fate had cheated him. Dráddør fingered the runes carved into his weapon, the enormous steel mallet he’d named Hefnd Hamarr, Vengeance Hammer, in anticipation of the day he would fulfill the oath made to his dying father. Disgust, crippling and oppressive, banded his chest as he surveyed the smoke-infused, empty great hall.

“’Twas an easy victory.” His friend and ally, Tighe, Earl of Dalriada, heaved a long sigh. “Not a fitting one, mayhap…”

“Arnfinn died by his wife’s hand. Not by mine.” Dráddør snorted. “I cannot fulfill my vow of vengeance.”

“Nay, I beg to differ. You have in your hand the ultimate revenge. Once you wed and bed his daughter, the title is yours, all that he ever owned is yours, and his line is erased. Think you, Arnfinn, Earl of Caithness, will rest easy knowing that your blood prevails? That his daughter will sire your son?”

Tighe rested a booted foot on the fireplace’s lintel and prodded the half-charred mound of logs with a metal rod. Bright orange sparks sprayed in a wide arc and the fitful flames blossomed into long plumes.

“The notion of swiving Arnfinn’s spawn holds no appeal.” Dráddør scowled.

Tighe shrugged. “One prick and you are Earl of Caithness. Shite man, you have gained a region as vast as Dalriada with no effort. The castle is intact and the keep secured. Take your nose out of your arse and do what must be done.”

Hope you enjoyed!

I’m at the Romantic Times convention in Kansas, Missouri this week. I’ll be posting pics on Twitter and Facebook, so stay tuned. Let me know if there are any author pics you’re interested in and I’ll try to get them for you.




  1. Love the cover count me in
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  2. Donna Antonio says

    Love the cover count me in

  3. Thanks Timitra – you’re a peach! I love the cover too.

  4. Great excerpt Jianne…definitely has me excited to read Vengeance Hammer…love the cover btw!

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