Happy Mother’s Day!

Over the years in my day job, I’ve implemented financial software systems for a myriad of industries, restaurants, online auctions sites, gas companies, an airline, a methanol plant to name a few. But, one of the most interesting projects was setting up an accounting and inventory system for two flower companies.

flower bouqet1What a strange and complex business. Right now, you’re thinking—duh Jianne, what’s that got to do with Mother’s Day? Well, I discovered during those two projects that flower companies make 80% of their profit from two days—Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day.

After seeing the way flower companies hike the price of flowers for those two days, I went home and told my family—No Flowers On Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. That rule drives my sons nuts, flowers are so easy.

So, I decided to give myself a virtual bouquet this year and share it with all the moms.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! I hope you manage to spend the day surrounded by moms, dads, kids, and friends!



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