H A P P Y M O T H E R’ S D A Y!!!


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Have a wonderful day Moms!



Happy Mother’s Day!

Over the years in my day job, I’ve implemented financial software systems for a myriad of industries, restaurants, online auctions sites, gas companies, an airline, a methanol plant to name a few. But, one of the most interesting projects was setting up an accounting and inventory system for two flower companies.

flower bouqet1What a strange and complex business. Right now, you’re thinking—duh Jianne, what’s that got to do with Mother’s Day? Well, I discovered during those two projects that flower companies make 80% of their profit from two days—Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day.

After seeing the way flower companies hike the price of flowers for those two days, I went home and told my family—No Flowers On Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. That rule drives my sons nuts, flowers are so easy.

So, I decided to give myself a virtual bouquet this year and share it with all the moms.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! I hope you manage to spend the day surrounded by moms, dads, kids, and friends!



Mother’s Day Flowers!

Though my boys brought me flowers and gifts, the best gift of all was having them all there together yesterday. The ‘wayward one’, who works for Google and lives on the west coast, made the  four day trip just to be here with all of us.


Love you guys. Here are some pics of all the Moms’ Day Flowers from family and friends.







FLOWERS - Mothers Day Roses Lala041314 FLOWERS 1 041314 FLOWERS 2


Have a wonderful day after Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the mothers, those still with us, and those who rest in peace—thank  you for simply being a mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


I hope each and every mother or mom-to-be has a wonderful family-filled day.

This mother’s day, I am indeed fortunate for I will have all of my three sons with me, my mother, and one of my brothers and his wife.

I am deliriously happy!

Enjoy your day!