Let’s Get Lucky with Vikings and Vengeance!

VengeanceHammer_ByJianneCarlo-453x680I did it again – signed up for two hops at the same time. Sigh. So for the next two days, I’ll be doing the A to Z Challenge and MFRW’s Erotic Romance Hop – Let’s Get Lucky!

Vengeance Hammer, the last book of my new Viking trilogy releases on May 3 and I thought I’d unveil the cover and give you a little teaser for The MFRW’s Let’s Get Lucky Erotic Blog hop.

Xára could scarce draw a breath.
The man walking alongside her held her fate, Jennie’s, and that of Evie’s in his hands. Dráddør, the man who had dedicated his life to killing Arnfinn, Earl of Caithness, thought she was dull-witted no matter what Jennie had told him. She had considered pretending to be such, but ’twas not her nature to cower to anyone.
She swallowed her tears.
Locked her jaw and grappled for control.
If only she had known that Jennie had resolved to end both her life and Arnfinn’s. She would have stopped her from drinking the poison.
What had caused her to make such a sacrifice? And why did Jennie refuse to speak of it? What terrible threat had Arnfinn used? Or had it been another?
Hatred, raw and grating, boiled her blood to thundering in her ears. She despised the man all thought her father. She loved the woman all thought her mother.
Blinded by her fury, she bumped into a side table and would have tumbled had not Dráddør grabbed her by the waist. His aroma enveloped her at once, veiling her other senses as she inhaled the mingled aromas of male sweat, leather, and the sea. So different from the female perfumes of lavender and rose she had grown accustomed to at the abbey.
He wore no gloves and an inferno danced over her skin where his fingers gripped her through the threadbare habit. She could not recall the last time any but a woman had touched her with such gentleness. ’Twas intoxicating and exciting and dizzying.
And yet she sensed naught of him. ’Twas her gift, her strength, to touch someone and catch a brief memory playing in the present, an oath taken, a port visited, mayhap even such trifle as a thirst quenched. Yet naught escaped from this man.
He steadied her. “Are you ill, lady?”
The wonder of his voice. Deep, like low thunder vibrating through clouds. Dense, rich, strong, and heated like a boulder baked in the sun. Mesmerized by his low rumble, she yearned to press her fingertips to the corded veins in his thick neck, and learn from him how to speak again.
“Lady Xára, are you faint?” He gave her a little shake.

For the blog hop I’m giving away the first two books in the series to two Lucky commenters (pun intended).


Enjoy the hop!





  1. Sounds like another awesome story!

  2. Ooh, sounds awesome, Jianne! I hadn’t started this series yet–loved your other historical one!

  3. Between the cover and the excerpt I want more!
    A to Z buddy
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  4. Love the cover and excerpt!

  5. Nice excerpt!

  6. Nothing says love like an incredibly hot Viking!!!!

    [email protected]

  7. Ah, Vikings…I love them all!

  8. Ah, Vikings…I lovee them all!

  9. Hey Jianne! Love the excerpt – very nice. 🙂

  10. Amber Terry says

    I would love to read it!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  11. Mel Bourn says

    Thanks for the excerpt! I haven’t read anything with Vikings, but this has persuaded me. Gotta give it a try.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  12. Jeanette Platt says

    What an interesting excerpt… Makes me want to know more… I like when an excerpt does that. Thanks for being part of the hop.

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  13. Great post and loved the excerpt! My book pile is becoming a mountain on this hop! 😀
    Gladiator’s Pen

  14. Hi Jianne (lovely name) – thanks for the opportunity to win:) I’m having a blast at the hop, meeting new authors, and growing my ‘to read’ list like crazy. Happy Hopping:)

  15. Hi Jianne! I’m on the blog hop as well and I wanted to stop by and say hi. I really like your excerpt! Fingers crossed for the giveaway! 🙂

  16. Wow, powerful little snippet will have to get the book!

  17. Thanks Millie!

  18. Wow, powerful little snippet. I don’t generally read this genre, but I have to admit I enjoyed that little tease.

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