Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that magical time of year again. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This year I’m doing a different take on the turkey – I had the butcher butterfly the bird and I’m following Cook’s Illustrated recipe for a brined maple cayenne turkey. Wish me Luck. Here’s what it should look like done:


Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your families and friends.



Turkey and Thanksgiving!

My Maple-Cayenne Glazed Bird

My Maple-Cayenne Glazed Bird

Today is Thanksgiving Thursday and we’re doing a joint dinner with my good friend, Tamarind, whose mother passed peacefully in her sleep on Monday. She was 93. For the first time in my life, I attended a memorial service yesterday that was a celebration of a life. The  ceremony was beautiful and perfect. We left feeling revitalized. That’s the kind of service I want. No tears, no grief, just the joy of being able to have shared time with the people I love. Kudos to Tamarind  for doing her mom proud!

So, today I am grateful for my family and friends, for all of you who’ve touched my life and made it better.

Happy Turkey Day!



Birthday Thanks!

My sincere thanks to everyone for their good wishes yesterday on my birthday. It turned out to be a wonderful day. First there were the birthday flowers:

041314 FLOWERS 1   041314 FLOWERS 2

After a leisurely cup of coffee, the dh and I took Ricky (the best present ever!) for a walk.

041314 SAWGRASS6

Then my girlfriend, Tamarind, and her husband treated the two of us and my two sons (the wayward one’s in California) to brunch at Oceans 2000. Yummy stone crabs, oysters, and a whole bunch of other seafood plus champers. Even though it was rainy and grim (which made it the perfect temperature here in South Florida) the misted ocean, and the rolling waves made for an incredible setting. How can anyone go wrong with a combination of a perfect view, friends and family, and fabulous food?

Here’s a pick of the antique cake dish Tamarind gave me (I collect, according to the dh, ‘useless pink glass’):

Cake with Ricky card


And I can’t possibly mention or post a pic of the dh’s gifts…*wicked grin*.
Sigh, the only downside was that birthday number edging closer to the ‘big one.’
Have a magnificent Monday!