Prymal Hunger!

Prymal_Hunger-Jianne_Carlo--200x320OMG! The cover for Prymal Hunger is soooooo Kydd Kolton!

I’ve been dying to write his story forever! It’s humming along and I’m loving Kydd.

Is it too trite to say that Georgia Woods just made him with her cover? Okay, tell me you don’t see that cover and want to buy Kydd’s tale? What is it about cowboys, bad-ass trucks, and helicopters that’s so irresistible? Nothing more than a taste of Prymal Hunger for everyone this magnificent Monday morning. So, here goes:

Unedited Prymal Hunger excerpt:


Kydd’s lips twitched.

F**king figured.

The day he turned fourteen and came into his wolf, women fell all over themselves trying to get into his pants. Fame and fortune amplified his sexual magnetism. He had a hundred plus emails from actresses of all ages who wanted a one and done date with him.

He finally met his mate—Helle—and she wanted nothing to do with him.

“Message received loud and clear. You will not have an affair with me. You’re not going to sleep with me. You want to become the best screenwriter on the planet.” His excellent periphery vision caught her stun-gunned reaction.

Adrenalin flooded his veins. The prehistoric beast in him savored the chase to come. Her kittenish aroma had become dominant since he announced his wolf. An underlining suspiciousness sneaked into his mind.

Was she a mixed breed like him?

Her scent beguiled him. He couldn’t identify any wolf in her. The only female shifters he knew were pure-bred Wylfens the aristocrats of the shifter world. His friend Bandit was part panther, part wolf, and human. Could it be that females who were cat and human existed?

Kydd doffed his Stetson and dropped Helle’s backpack on the counter separating the kitchen area from a u-shaped meeting space. He collapsed into his favorite behemoth leather chair, stretched his legs, and picked up the remote lying on a side table. He powered on the TV and scanned channels until he found the weather station.

She walked to the counter, eyed the distance to the door, and shot him a swift glance.

His little cat contemplated escape. Kydd repressed a self-satisfied smirk. He had her on the defensive.

“Don’t even go there, Helle. Getting into and out of this studio, as you should’ve gleaned from the security when you entered this morning is no cakewalk. Before I catch you up on the publicity changes, let’s go through my appointments again.” He gestured to her backpack.

She loosened the leather straps on her backpack and said, sotto voce, “The man must have the memory of a sieve.  Did I not do this not an hour earlier? In great detail?”

For a half-moment, Kydd considered explaining why they needed to go through his schedule again. But, he wanted her off-balance not panicked and scared.

He studied her from half-hooded eyes.

Four years in the ring as a UFC fighter had honed his battle strategies. Get in the first volley and attack relentlessly until his opponent went down. eBut, Helle wasn’t his opponent, so he needed to adjust his tactics.

Over the last couple of months he’d spent time with his buddy and fellow Prymal pack member, Apache, who trained falcons and hawks. Kydd decided to approach having Helle mate-claim him the way Apache tamed the wild, primitive birds: accustom her to him using all of her senses, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight.


Hope you enjoyed!

Have a merry Monday! I won’t be checking in again until we’re in Oslo!!!!!! I feel so wonderful just writing that. OMG, I’m going to be walking the walk of the Vikings!

Prymal Passion Edit-Cave

Sinner-Jianne_Carlo-200x320             Prymal_Passion-Jianne_Carlo-200x320

For the first week of 2015, I’ve been  in the edit-cave juggling between Prymal Passion—Bandit and Kata’s tale and Sinner—Sinner and Destiny’s.

I wanted to start my 2015 blog with both book covers and that’s the reason for delaying the post until today.

Aren’t both yummy?

Hope you’re having a salacious Sunday 🙂 Have a great week everyone!










Merry Monday!


Happy 2015!

confetti 3H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R!



Ricky – In Memoriam

rickyMy beloved Richard Louis Schader, aka Ricky, passed away on Monday night. I am devastated. Ricky brought joy, light, and sheer happiness to the lives he touched, including mine and the Viking, and my three sons. And he wasn’t even my Golden Retriever.

We were privileged to be able to care for Ricky for six months while his true master looked for a pet friendly place to live. During those wonderful six months, we fell in total love with Ricky and he became part of our family.

When it was time for Ricky to leave, I negotiated custody rights, and our home became ‘Ricky’s Vacation Home’ a few times a year. Ricky visited three times this year; for my birthday, for a week in the summer, and for a long weekend in October. I am so happy I was able to have him recently.

Here are a few of the hundreds of pics I took of Ricky.

RIP, Ricky. I will always love you.





IMG_1234 IMG_1230 IMG_1225 IMG_1039









Ricky in car looking back Ricky behind John in car Ricky in car Ricky in car full face








Today, Ricky’s Vacation Home is in mourning.

Our sincere condolences to Andrew.

Turkey and Thanksgiving!

My Maple-Cayenne Glazed Bird

My Maple-Cayenne Glazed Bird

Today is Thanksgiving Thursday and we’re doing a joint dinner with my good friend, Tamarind, whose mother passed peacefully in her sleep on Monday. She was 93. For the first time in my life, I attended a memorial service yesterday that was a celebration of a life. The  ceremony was beautiful and perfect. We left feeling revitalized. That’s the kind of service I want. No tears, no grief, just the joy of being able to have shared time with the people I love. Kudos to Tamarind  for doing her mom proud!

So, today I am grateful for my family and friends, for all of you who’ve touched my life and made it better.

Happy Turkey Day!