Dark Chocolate Side of The Moon, Lucky in Red, & Sleeping Dog Texas!

Next Tuesday, September 8, 2015, Loose-Id releases Dark Chocolate Side of The Moon, my sexy paranormal set in Sleeping Dog, Texas – Snoopy Dancing!

Dark Chocolate Side of the Moon is the first book in the Lucky in Red series, and the two others are Dos Lunas by Belinda McBride, and Red Velvet Moon by Lynn Lorenz. These are the stories of the Lobos brothers, Max, Diego, and Antonio.

Isn’t the cJC_LIR_DarkChocolateSideoftheMoonover delish?


Sleeping Dog, Texas, has its share of secrets and the three Lobos brothers own the biggest of them all. They’re werewolves who own a dry cleaning business. But when a woman steps into each man’s life, each with her own badly stained red dress, fantasies will be fulfilled, barriers broken and secrets told.

Werewolf Maximillian Lobos likes his women overripe, luscious and curvy, and spitting-fire passionate.  Prim and proper Candi Wagner is so not his type, yet when he discovers she wears chocolate body paint, his testosterone levels careen off the planet.

Trouble is Candi doesn’t understand what being claimed means, doesn’t get that weres mate for life, doesn’t believe weres even exist. Lucky for Max she’s natural sub and he soon has her handled. Or does he?


Here’s a short excerpt to jet-smokin’-start your Labor Day Holiday weekend!


Maximilian Julio Lobos knew before the brass bell hanging from the door of his family’s dry cleaning business dinged that the mysterious C. Wagner—the woman who zinged every one of his five wolf senses and then some—had entered the premises. Her spicy scent wrapped around his flesh, seeped into his pores, coursed through his arteries and veins. His heart pumped faster, and the drum of lust battered his brain.

Six months.

It’d been six arduous months since she first appeared in Sleeping Dog, Texas. For one hundred and eighty-one days he’d been unable to focus on any other female. For four thousand, three hundred and forty-four hours, okay maybe fifty-two counting this morning, he’d fought the instinctive knowledge that prim and proper Ms. C. Wagner was his mate.

A human mate.

Couldn’t the fates have found him a wolf mate?

She cleared her throat.

Shifting his gaze from the Excel spreadsheet into which he’d been entering an adjusted five-year cash flow projection, Max studied the  regal features of the five foot-six inch slender woman whose visage and porcelain complexion could’ve graced the cover of an elite fashion magazine. She was so not his type.

Max liked his females overripe, luscious and curvy, and spitting-fire passionate.

Not a single strand of C. Wagner’s perfect waist-length blonde locks dared stray from the confines of her high ponytail. She returned his stare without flinching, not an eyelash flickered, but her grip on the cloth bag she carried tightened, the flesh covering her long fingers paling at the knuckles.

He wanted to muss her up, get her wild and flustered, smear the cherry lipstick off her mouth, rip the brown band out of her hair, tear the unisex white blouse apart, and have her panting and begging and kneeling in front of him.

“Good morning.” She wet the corner of her upper lip with the pink tip of her tongue.

Miss Prim-and-Proper swallowed a couple of times, and he glimpsed a thin sheen of sweat on her temples. Max did a double take. She was nervous. Miss Nothing-fazes-me was fricking nervous.

“What can I do for you today?” Where can I do you today? How many times? How many positions? Doggie-style? Backed against the wall? Knees dangling from the counter?



Hope that got your juices going!

Have a great Labor Day Holiday Weekend Everyone!



Guest Author Allie Ritch & Just My Type – Vampire Territory 2 Giveaway!

Ad - Vampire Territory Series

I love having my author buddy, Allie Ritch, visit my blog as we have yet to meet in person, and we only forty minutes apart! One day, Allie. one day soon.

The second book in Allie’s Vampire Territory series, Just My Type (dontcha love that title!) released yesterday. So, take it away Allie and tell us all about your sexy release!

You’re always such a great host, Jianne. Thank you for having me on your blog again. Last time I was here, I announced the release of Drinking Partners, the first book in my Vampire Territory series. I know as a reader I don’t like waiting a long time to read the next book in a series, so I’m thrilled to announce that Vampire Territory 2: Just My Type is already out!

Just My Type came out 4/14/15 and picks up right where Drinking Partners left off. This second book focuses on Melody, personal assistant to master vampire Alex Gage, and Eryx, the Southern master’s guard. There’s another player in the mix, though. Alex’s human brother, Wess, has a thing for Mel, so there’s a bit of a love triangle. Which man will Mel choose?

I had a blast writing the action in this book, and, yes, that includes the hot love scenes. If you want to read about long nights of fighting and loving—fangs, romance, swordplay, sex, firefights, and a whole lot more—then this book is for you.

To win the FREE eBook copy of either Drinking Partners or Just My Type (winner’s choice) – leave your e-mail address in the body of your comment.


Blurb for Just My Type:

There’s trouble in vampire territory, and Melody is right in the middle of it. A new arrival from Eastern Europe named Taspar Tong is out to take over her masters’ domains using the army he has at his command. Mel is a personal assistant, not a soldier, and big male vampires scare her.

That includes Eryx, the dark-haired warrior who is always watching her and baiting her with his remarks. If only he didn’t look so sexy. Mel figures Wess Gage—their human captive—is a far safer love interest, although Wess is part of the Human Rebellion bent on exterminating all vampires. Can he really see past his prejudice, or will he turn on her?

There are two dangerous men in Mel’s life. She just has to decide which of them is her type—the one who makes her feel human again, or the vampire who makes her blood boil?


Excerpt from Just My Type (graphic sexual content):


She wrapped her arms around him and pierced his skin with her fangs. Latched on tight, she sucked on his vein and tasted him with greedy swipes of her tongue. His blood hit her like a fireball—so much hotter and more potent than what came in lifeless plastic bags. It scorched her insides and warmed her for one magnificent moment.

Piggybacking on her hunger was another appetite that swiftly caught fire, as well. There was an inescapable intimacy to feeding, and his rich blood awakened all her nerve endings. Her nipples pebbled behind her shirt and bra, and she rubbed them against his firm chest.

Eryx made a sound of approval. “That’s it, sweet Melody.”

Sweet Melody? Some distant part of her marveled at his use of the endearment, while the rest of her was focused on the large male body beneath her. The dagger that was strapped to his leg pressed against her inner thigh, and a far more enticing length was tucked against her crotch. Eryx sported what felt like a huge erection.

Her panties were already damp, and they grew wetter as she continued to draw hard on his vein. Sex and blood—she wanted to be filled by him in every way. Flattening her hands against his chest, she savored the strong beat of his heart beneath her fingertips. His abs felt like cobblestones as she swept her palms over them on the way toward his waistband. When she reached his belt, she opened the buckle and popped the top button of his pants. He caught her hand before she could pull down the zipper.

With her lips still pressed to his skin, Mel groaned in frustration and tried to pull free. Eryx held tight and set her hand on his shoulder before he let go. She was debating another attempt at his fly when he attacked her pants instead. He undid the button on her jeans with a dexterous flick of his fingers. Then she heard the metallic click-click-click of each tooth of her zipper giving way as he slid down the tab in slow motion.

She nearly broke suction when he squeezed his hand inside the crotch of her panties. Already spread wide to accommodate the span of his thighs, she was open and vulnerable to his touch. He speared his middle finger between her labia and zeroed in on her clit.

“I’ll take care of you,” Eryx promised. He was already working the pad of his finger in tight circles.

Mel had heard vampire sex was better than anything humans had. The same sensitivity that gave them acute eyesight and hearing also heightened their sense of touch. Her clit definitely seemed to be supersensitive because it tingled with rapture under the friction. Of course, she hadn’t made love with anyone since her sophomore year of college, so she couldn’t make much of a comparison.

Caught up in the rubbing and her own sucking, she didn’t have room to worry about what she was doing or with whom. There also wasn’t her usual anxiety about whether or not she’d reach orgasm. She rode his hand and squealed in delight when he penetrated her with his finger.

Desperation filled her, and she could still feel the hard ridge of his erection. She reached down to free him from his pants, but he growled at her in warning. Then he distracted her by thrusting a second finger into her sheath. Her climax blasted through her as violently as a firefight.

Mel pulled her fangs free as her pussy clenched and sent pleasure shooting up her spine. Eryx covered her mouth and drank her cry. His kiss wasn’t as gentle or warm as Wess’s had been. Like the vampire himself, his kiss was dark and powerful and demanding. He didn’t release her lips until she finished cresting and sprawled boneless against him.

Several pounding heartbeats later, Mel’s brain unscrambled enough to realize she hadn’t gotten to touch his cock. It remained stiff and formidable beneath her, just out of reach. She was too tired to sit up, but she shifted in his lap.

Eryx tightened his grip to hold her still. “If we had a few more hours, I’d strip you naked and make you relieve this ache.”

“Hours?” she mumbled.

He laughed, low and sinister.

The sound sent a shiver through her as the sun rose and put her to sleep.


Buy Links: Just My Type is available from Loose Id in all the formats you need for your e-reader, and you’ll also find it soon at Amazon, ARe, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, and other sites where e-books are sold.

Loose Id: http://www.loose-id.com/vampire-territory-2-just-my-type.html
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Just-Type-Vampire-Territory-Book-ebook/dp/B00W5TGLYS/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1429149091&sr=1-1
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/just-my-type-4

Allie Ritch’s Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllieRitch
Website/Blog: https://allieritch.wordpress.com
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/AllieRitch
Google+: https://plus.google.com/111312224583397875521/posts
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/allieritch
Goodreads Page: http://www.goodreads.com/AllieRitch
Google+: https://plus.google.com/111312224583397875521/posts
ARe Café: http://www.arecafe.com/members/allie_ritch/
TRR Page: http://www.theromancereviews.com/allieritch2

Wow! I need an ice bucket!

Thanks for sharing that sizzling excerpt from Just My Type, Allie.

Have a tantalizing Thursday everyone!


Tantalizing Thursday ! Sneak Preview of Allie Ritch’s Drinking Partners!

Today is Tantalizing Thursday on my site! This is new for 2015 and what I’m doing is inviting other authors to give us sneak previews of an upcoming release. I’m so thrilled to have author and friend Allie Ritch inaugurate Tantalizing Thursday.

allie ritch site header

Allie’s giving away a copy of her latest release, Drinking Partners, to one lucky commenter. So leave your email addy in the comment!

Welcome Allie and take it away!

Thanks for having me on your blog, Jianne. You’re always such a good friend and gracious host. What I’d like to share today is the journey of a book — how I first came up with the idea for my latest novel, Vampire Territory 1: Drinking Partners. To celebrate my new release, I’m also doing a giveaway. Commenters, please include your e-mail address in the body of your comments for a chance to win an e-book copy of Drinking Partners.

The journey for some books is longer than others, and Drinking Partners had by far one of the longest. I was looking through stacks of my old writing journals, which I use to jot down ideas for books, when I came across a concept I’d thought of in the 1990’s. You didn’t misread that. Yes, I really said the 90’s. Back when P. Diddy was still Puff Daddy and Madonna was reinventing herself and becoming a mommy. So many book ideas run through my brain that some get shoved to the back, and this one finally elbowed its way to the forefront. The idea was simple: two master vampires — both strong alphas, lethal and cunning — fall for each other but have trust issues.

I’ve always loved vampire fiction, starting with writers like Anne Rice and Fred Saberhagen and continuing with Laurell K. Hamilton, Christine Feehan, and other great authors today. When I rediscovered my premise for my own vampire book, I couldn’t wait to run with it. Drinking Partners was born. Or should I say reborn?

This book is definitely the darkest and edgiest one I’ve written. I may have watched Kill Bill around the time I was writing it, and there’s definitely a lot of action. The heroine, Alexandra, is a badass with guns and swords and even a machete. She doesn’t go looking for trouble, but because she’s a turned vampire — one considered lower class — plus a member of the “weaker sex” according to the older bloodsuckers, trouble has a way of finding her.

Lucas has his own battles and is ruthless in protecting those he cares about. Once Alex and Lucas team up, she becomes the person he cares about most. And what does a master vampire get his lover when she likes to shoot and decapitate her enemies? Find out in an excerpt from Drinking Partners:

AR_VT1_DrinkingPartners@AllieRitch Brings on the Fangs in Drinking Partners

Blurb: Being the master vampire for the Mid-Atlantic Territory is a tough job. Between the Human Rebellion trying to kill him with poisonous suicide donors and snobby born vampires bucking his authority, Lucas Thane has his hands full. What he needs is a regular drinking partner to feed from and a bigger power block. He finds both in the form of Alexandra Gage, the master of the territory south of his.

Alex could use a little help herself, but she has no intention of letting Lucas take over. Turned into a vampire against her will, she has had enough control taken from her. She’ll never let Lucas usurp her right to rule, but will she let him steal her heart? Passion ignites between them, and it’s amazing what vampire bodies can do.

Buy Links: http://www.loose-id.com/drinking-partners.html

Drinking Partners is available at Loose Id, Amazon, ARe, and other places where e-books are sold.

Excerpt from Drinking Partners:

She reached inside for the sparkly handle of a short sword. The hilt was made of walnut as dark and rich as her brown leather coat. The wood had been carved, and centered within each diamond etching was a pale-blue gemstone.

“It’s exactly what I wanted. How did you know?”

“I pay attention to everything that interests you.”

That was a very smooth answer.

“Are those real sapphires?” she asked.

“Blue diamonds.” Lucas traced the curve of her cheek with one finger. “They’re the same color as your eyes.”

Her heart flipped. He’d gotten her diamonds after all.

Alex’s hand trembled as she reached for the exquisite weapon and pulled it free of its sheath. The blade was clean and unmarked and so sharp it sang when she sliced it through the air. It was a work of art.

There was more, though. She reluctantly set aside her new sword so she could pull out the large wooden box that rested next to it. The lid was hinged, and she swung it open to see a matching handgun. He must have had the pair custom-made for her, though she hadn’t a clue how he’d managed to have them done this quickly.

“Do you know what it is?” he asked.

She was practically drooling over the gun. “Are you kidding me? It’s a Colt M1911.”

“You know your guns.”

“My father taught me.” She let the remark slip without thinking.

Lucas regarded her closely. “That’s an unusual thing for a father to share with his daughter. Was he in the firearms business?”

“No, more like a military man,” she said. “This is a beautiful custom-made piece. A collector’s wet dream.”

He barked out another laugh. “You could say that. I knew you’d shoot me on the spot if I gave you some dainty compact pistol.”

The idea didn’t bear thinking about.

A sensual shiver traveled down Alex’s spine when she traced the stylized fleur-de-lis engraved along the slide and frame. The grip panel was made of walnut with the same pattern of carvings and blue diamonds as the sword. She picked it up and felt a smile split her face.

The single-stacked magazine offered her a narrower handle, which was a much better fit than some of the stockier pieces. All those gemstones were cool against her palm and made sure her grip didn’t slide. She liked the weight and balance too. All in all, it felt pretty damn good.

“I’ll get you something else if this doesn’t suit you,” Lucas said.

“Oh, this suits me.” She might never put it down.

Alex kept it in her hand, muzzle pointed toward the floor and finger off the trigger, as she stepped into his body. She tilted her head to press her lips to his and slipped her tongue behind his teeth when he opened for her. He was yummier than any chocolate, with the same amount of dark and sweet in his makeup. If she hadn’t been sure before, she was now. She’d fallen for the vampire.

Drinking Partners is available at Loose Id, Amazon, ARe, and other places where e-books are sold.

Allie’s Contact Info:
Website/Blog: http://allieritch.wordpress.com
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/allieritch
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllieRitch
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/AllieRitch

Wow! Drinking Partners sounds like a fantabulous read!!! This one’s my reward reading this weekend. Thank so much for sharing, Allie. And may the Gods allow us to finally meet in person this year!  (Allie and I live about an hour away from each other and still haven’t met in person)

Remember to include your email address in your comment to win a copy of Drinking Partners!

Have a tantalizing Thursday!



Guest Author Interview – 2 for 1: Dani Wade & Ella Sheridan

My guests today are authors Dani Wade and Ella Sheridan who just so happen to be identical twins. Go figure. Who are Dani and Ella?

Ella SheridanDani Wade astonished her local librarians as a teenager when she carried home 10 books every week – and actually read them all. Now she writes her own characters who clamor for attention in the midst of the chaos that is her life. Residing in the southern U.S. with a husband, two kids, two dogs, and one grumpy cat, she stays busy until she can closet herself away with her characters once more.


Ella grew up in the Deep South, where books provided adventures, friends, and her first taste of romance. Now she writes her own romantic adventures, with plenty of hot alpha men and the women who love and challenge them. With a day job, a husband, two active teenagers, and two not so active cats, Ella is always busy, but getting the voices in her head down on paper is a top priority.

Dani and Ella are both releasing their latest sizzling romances on the same day. Here’s a peek at their hot covers and the blurbs for:

StrickingAChord_800x1200Striking a Chord by Dani Wade: Success as a US rock star is payback to Irish drummer Sean Rosslair, whose father insisted music was a waste. Now Sean just needs to see the body to go with the smokin’ sexy voice of his new assistant, and his world will feel complete. But she ends up being the very woman he should never have. Anxious to do a good deed, Meghan finally exposes her plus-size presence to her boss. Only he doesn’t react the way she expects—to her body or his brother. She takes her punishment for her white lie well—too well. Meghan can’t refrain from begging her boss for another spanking…but can she let go enough to embrace romance with a rock star? Can Sean teach Meghan his erotic secrets before a hidden enemy puts him out of commission—permanently?

Just a little moreJust a Little More by Ella Sheridan Six weeks ago Angel had it all—a brand-new master’s degree, an apartment with her best friend, Brad, and the chance to take their friendship to a whole hot new level. But on the night of their first kiss, a would-be rapist ripped her bright future apart. Stuck in a never-ending cycle of fear and depression, Angel is determined to find herself again, even if it means putting herself at risk. Brad has loved Angel since he saved her from a playground bully in the fifth grade. But just as it seemed Angel’s eyes were opening to the true feelings between them, it all fell apart. When Angel disappears on the night of a freak snowstorm, Brad is determined to find her. And when he does, he won’t let her hide any longer. It’s time to wake her up—to a life without fear, and to a love that can heal the deepest wounds.

Welcome Dani and Ella.  I’m intrigued by the fact that you’re not only twins, but identical. Like me, I’m certain most people are curious about the nature of the bond between two human beings who occupied the same womb for nine months. Of course, my morbid and relentless inherent nosiness is even more titillated by the fact that you two are identical. Let’s dive right into the heart of the matter and do a word association to see how alike you are—no cheating!

Word: Magic                   Dani: Night time   Ella: Midnight
Word: Kinky                   Dani: Sex                 Ella: Sex
Word: Lure                     Dani: Fishing          Ella: Fish
Word: Chocolate           Dani: Chips              Ella: Want
Word: Spank                  Dani: Yes, please    Ella: Me
Word: Music                  Dani: Pleasure         Ella: Full
Word: Pleasure             Dani: Me                   Ella: Man

Both Dani and Ella did these separately and they didn’t peek—isn’t it eerie how similar their answers were? *shiver me timbers*

Now to get down to the nitty gritty:

Q. Did both of you start writing at the same time? If not, who was first?

Dani: Ella started writing early in her teens, but I never thought about it—not until my oldest child was two. I knew right off I wanted to write romance, and it didn’t take much research to know I wanted to publish. Now we’re both published and a source of encouragement and accountability to each other that is invaluable.

Ella: I was first to dabble; Dani was first to take it seriously. I started writing as a teenager, but life got distracting and reading provided the escape I needed desperately. It wasn’t until my kids got a little older and I had more free time that I started my first complete book. Dani knew much sooner what she wanted to do with all the creativity flowing through our veins.

Q. What genres do you write? And who are your publishers?

Dani: I write contemporary romance for Harlequin Desire, and indie publish my erotic romantic suspense under the same name.

Ella: I write erotic, some of which is straightforward contemporary and some of which is more on the romantic suspense side. Right now I’m published through Loose Id, but I’ll release my first indie series beginning this September.

Q. Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

Dani: I’m an avid horror movie fan. Even though I write romance, I can’t stand romantic comedies. LOL

Ella: I have second-degree black belts in karate, jujitsu, and kung fu.

I love the titles of both your new releases (Dani- Striking a Chord, Ella – Just a Little More). Tell me which comes first for each of you the title or the storyline?

Dani: Usually the story. Somewhere along the way, something will be happening on the page and ping! The idea for a title will come to me. That being said, then I have to work with it (by myself or with a group of authors) until it is just right.

Ella:  Definitely depends on the book. My second release, Naughty Little Christmas, didn’t have a title until about a month before it released. (It’s not so easy when your titles have to fit a formula—in my case, containing the word “little” in the middle.) This book, though, had a title before it had a plot! I knew Brad and Angel had been friends for years, and I knew they were both wanting “just a little more” from each other. Plus, we hadn’t planned on a novella in this series, so it’s kind of a bonus story—just a little more from the Secrets world.

Tell us three fascinating tidbits about Sean (hero of Striking a Chord) and Brad (hero of Just a Little More)

Dani: Sean is a sexy Irishman relocated to the US to become part of the hard rock band Solar Uprising. He’s their new drummer, but he learned to play a variety of instruments when he was growing up in an Irish manor. During the book he realizes that returning home after running away never turned out the way your think it will…

Ella: Brad’s favorite color is red (especially when it comes draped over Angel!), he plays Twenty Questions with his customers as he tends bar, and…he was never supposed to be a hero in one of the Secrets books. I didn’t realize he would have his own story until a reader asked what his story was, and I knew my charming bartender needed an Angel of his own.

Tell us three fascinating tidbits about Meghan (heroine of Striking a Chord) and Angel (heroine of Just a Little More)

Dani: Meghan is a former preschool teacher turned rock star assistant. She doesn’t sport the typical look for the music world—she’s a petite size 14 and scared her boss will judge her by her looks. Despite her innocent appearance, her sexual proclivities have gotten her banned from her parents’ church as a slutty sinner. That’s okay. Her life is starting to look up…

Ella: Angel has a tendency to leave her things lying around (for a reason you’ll discover when you read the book 😉 ), she earned a master’s degree in English as a second language, and she was the first character that spoke to me about this story. Ultimately, though I usually write for my heroes, this story centered on the heroine and her amazing struggle back from the brink of darkness.

Which do you prefer?

Denim or Leather on a guy? Dani: Definitely denim, worn thin and loving every curve under it.  Ella: Denim every time! Yum.

Chinese or Italian food?  Dani:  Italian, any kind of pasta with cheese has to be heaven on earth (just don’t mention it in front of Ella). Ella: Chinese, though since I recently found out I’m allergic to both soy and gluten, both are pretty much out for me. I miss potstickers! *whimpers*

Butt or Pecs? Dani: Both are awesome, but give me a high, tight butt and I might be tempted to swoon. Ella: Can’t I have both? He looks good coming and going!

Chiseled jaw line or Chiseled abs? Dani:   Jaw. It just speaks to strength and a firm hand, right? And my heroines love an extra firm hand… Ella: A strong jaw is important in an alpha hero, seriously. No weak chins! (Plus, there’s that tenderness under a strong jaw that is perfect for nibbling.)

What’s your favorite Male Body Part? Dani: Besides the obvious one? Definitely that high, tight arse I talked about earlier! Ella:  Um, the obvious one. 😉 Oh, and lips. Mmm-mm.

Do you have any WIP’s you can share? Any release dates you can tell us about?

Dani: I have the first of my Mill Town Millionaires series out in August 2014 from Harlequin Desire. Later this year, a Backstage Pass novella will hit the virtual shelves, along with the first of my sexy suspense series Small Town Secrets set in a rural Tennessee town with undercurrents deeper than anyone could imagine.

Ella:  I do, I do! I have a new series beginning on September 23rd, Southern Nights. The first in the trilogy is Teach Me, the story of a shy writer being stalked by her ex, and the lessons her bodyguard teaches her, both in self-defense and in love.

To celebrate their same-day new releases, Dani and Ella are giving away the following to one lucky commenter on the Naughty Girls Writing Nice blog: http://nicegirlswritingnaughty.wordpress.com/

The first 2 books in Ella’s Secrets series

The first 2 books in Dani’s Backstage Pass series

One commenter will win all four books.

Buy link for Striking a Chord by Dani Wade:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LESMLJK

Buy link for Just a Little More by Ella Sheridan:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Just-Little-More-Secrets-Hide-ebook/dp/B00LG74FCA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404301881&sr=8-1&keywords=Just+a+little+more+by+ella+sheridan
Loose-Id: http://www.loose-id.com/secrets-to-hide-3-just-a-little-bit-more.html

Dani Wade’s Contact Information:
Email: [email protected] Website: www.DaniWade.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dani.wade.1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaniWade1 Blogs: www.DaniWade.com

Ella Sheridan’s Contact Information:
Email: [email protected] Website: www.ellasheridanauthor.com  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ella.sheridan.9 Twitter: @AuthorESheridan Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7350508.Ella_Sheridan  Blogs: www.ellasheridanauthor.com

Thanks for being my guests today Dani and Ella. Come back and visit soon!



Author Allie Ritch’s Sexy New Release – In Season!

Today I’m thrilled to have as my guest blogger author Allie Ritch. Her new release is the prequel to her best seller, Mating Season, and is entitled ‘In Season’. Like all of Allie’s works, both books are incredibly original, hot, and all-consuming.

ar_inseason  ar_matingseason  ar_aliensex101-resized-for-blog  ar_aliensex102  ar_aliensex103  LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop  ar_just-one-bite-resized-for-blog ar_lovetorment-resized-for-blog ar_switchingpositions_coverlg3   ar_husbandry_hr

Here’s a little bit about Allie;

Hello, everybody, I’m Allie Ritch. I write erotic sci-fi and paranormal romance, so if you like a little extra spice in your romance, then you’re in the right place. More often than not, I’m lost in my own little world, and you can catch a few glimpses of that imaginative landscape in my work. Be forewarned, some pages will have you fanning those blushing cheeks.

I have an active imagination and have always enjoyed fantastical elements in stories, books, movies, and other artistic mediums. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, or just a romantic tale with a twist. I adore being entertained, and I like being creative and entertaining others. For me, the realm of fiction is the perfect playground, so I hope you’ll come out and play.

I told you Allie’s an original – didn’t I? Now take it away, Allie.

MatingSeasonEach book I write has its own journey and its own challenges, and In Season, the sequel to Mating Season, is no exception.

I first concocted Mating Season after the notion of doing a winter-themed work collided in my brain with a wildlife documentary that had inspired me. When Mating Season was released, I had no idea it would become my most popular work. I was flattered and thrilled to see how well readers received it and then shocked when a couple of people mentioned wanting to see more in the series. Huh? Series? I hadn’t thought of doing a sequel to Mating Season, but once the idea was planted in my head, I kept thinking about it.

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized Gilby deserved his own story. There were a couple of obstacles, though. In Mating Season, Gilby was a short, chatty fellow who tended to blurt out whatever was on his mind. He was also loyal, brave, and honest. I refused to change him. I think we’ve all read series where the secondary character from an earlier book somehow morphs into an entirely different personality by the time he takes center stage. Gilby wasn’t going to get bigger or quieter or any more tactful. He already had a lot of excellent qualities and was fine the way he was. He just needed to find someone who could see all his good points and love him for his true self. He needed the heroine, Miksa. The challenge, which I hope I succeeded at, was to present Gilby to readers in such a way that they see him as Miksa does.

The second difficulty I faced was to keep the story fresh and flowing well. I didn’t want to repeat what I’d done in Mating Season, but there were certain elements that had to be included because of the first book. Namely, I was still going to have the arctic planet of Jensen, the Children of Nanook (the frost-bear shifters), and the challenge of finding love in a frozen wilderness.

I hate to say something unbearably clichéd like every snowflake is unique, but in the end it did come down to a simple matter of Gilby making In Season special. He’s a very different type of hero, and thus his story has its own flavor. Gilby isn’t like Koll, and his romance with Miksa isn’t either. As for keeping good pacing, I opted to make this work a short novella to prevent the story from lagging or dragging out. Like Gilby, In Season is short and sweet. I really hope readers enjoy it.

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All Gilby wants is to find a female who will spend the mating season with him. Yes, he’s short. And yes, he talks too much and doesn’t often watch what he says, but he has a lot to offer.

Rejected by her fellow shifters because she can’t change into a frost bear, Miksa travels to the clawless people’s village to look for a mate. With his sexy scent and good humor, could Gilby be the male for her? Can he help her unlock the magic that will let her shift?

Love comes in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes it even has claws.


Gilby walked to a fireplace in the adjoining room and bent to stir the flames. She’d never taken an interest in a male’s backside before, but there was something about the taut stretch of his pants over his firm bottom that made her want to sink her teeth into him. Sparks rose, and the flames sputtered and popped as they grew.

His voice was clear and masculine. “You’ve just seen the front entrance, of course. I use this as a common room for entertaining guests. The bedroom is behind me, if you’d like to see it and—”

A series of yips from the far side of the house interrupted him.

Gilby lifted his head. “Just a moment, Halle and Onnika! We have company!” He glanced her way. “My sled hounds. They always get excited when I first come home. Those canines are the most loyal friends a man could ever ask for, and they’ve been with me since they were newborn pups.”

“They’re both female?”

His slow smile made everything inside her coil tight. “I really like females. Do you want to meet them?”

“Yes.” The affection in his tone made her want to see him with the animals.

“Right this way. They bed down in the kennel attached to the house.” He walked down the hallway to her left and opened a door that led to the hounds. “There are my girls.”

She could see the canines were enclosed in a space large enough for them to walk around, but small enough to keep them out of trouble. It was warm and inviting, and the hounds smelled of excitement and happiness when they spotted their master. They were both as tall as Gilby. One was black with a white face and underside, while the other had the same pattern but with gold instead of black. Otherwise they looked identical. At least, she thought the hounds matched until they moved their feet.

“What’s wrong with the dark one’s leg?” Miksa asked.

Instead of resting on the ground, the front right paw was folded toward the animal’s ankle. The hound could step on it, but she obviously couldn’t put her full weight on the limb.

Gilby petted the black-and-white hound. “Halle was born with the deformity—not that she ever notices it much. She loves to run. Most sleds are pulled by a single hound, but I use them both and put Onnika in front to help her sister. She keeps Halle moving forward in a straight line and makes up for her lack of strength on the right side. With the two of them pulling the sled and me not weighing as much as most men, I can really fly.”

His pleasure and pride in his hounds was obvious. She also recognized that speed could be as valuable, or even more useful, than brute strength.

Having greeted their master, the canines turned their attention to Miksa. She wasn’t sure how they’d react to her scent. Most animals grew agitated around the Children of Nanook since they sensed the predator beneath the skin. The gold-toned one, Onnika, responded with wariness and uncertainty, audibly sniffing without drawing closer. Ironically, it was Halle—clearly the more submissive hound—who was the first to venture closer. The hound kept her head low as she limped up to Miksa and smelled her all over. Halle must have been satisfied because she snorted and walked back to Gilby when she was done.

“They adore you,” she observed.

“The feeling is mutual.” Gilby continued to beam at his girls, as he called them, and ruffled their fur. Then he turned and gave Miksa an intense look. “You should know I take excellent care of what’s mine.”

Just like that, the sexual tension that had filled her body returned. She grew hyperaware of her breasts, and she felt like she was melting between her legs.

“You said you wanted to inspect my body,” he reminded her. “Maybe I should show you the bedroom?”

Miksa responded with an anticipatory growl. She followed him out of the kennel and back into the main part of the house. His bedroom, she discovered, was a large but cozy space. A small fire heated the room, while the fur blankets on the bed promised a sensual treat.

Gilby stood within the glow of the flames and pulled his shirt off over his head. He revealed strong arms and a chiseled chest and abs. She was pleased to see that he was well proportioned, though he was no less impressive for packing so much muscle onto a short frame.

Her gaze tracked his tongue as it darted out to moisten his bottom lip. “How much do you want to see?”

“Everything.” She didn’t even have to think about her answer.

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