Does Exotic = Erotic?

VengeanceHammer_ByJianneCarlo-453x680I’m so excited to join in the A to Z blog hop!!! Truly, I regard it as a terrific challenge and a wonderful kick-start to my new website. My topic for the entire 26 days will be romance, particularly erotic romance. My structure will be as follows: I am going to first list the pertinent words for the day and then discuss one of them in alphabetical order , of course.

E: exotic, ecstatic, evocative, erection, ejaculate, and erotic.

The above are my list of sexy and/or erotic and/or romantic E words. Feel free to chime in with your own!

For the fifth day of the A to Z blog hop challenge – I choose two words erotic and it’s kissing cousin exotic.

Erotic: Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.

Exotic: Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange: From another part of the world; foreign

If someone or something is exotic, does that make them or it automatically erotic? And does the reverse work?

Antonio Banderas is both exotic and erotic as far as I’m concerned. So are Salma Hayek and Shakira. the cover above is for my coming release, Vengeance Hammer. Is it erotic, or exotic, or both?

What do you think?

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