Wolf Raider Rides!


Wow! That’s all I can say about the cover for Book#4 in my White Wolf Pack series—Wolf Raider. Isn’t it delicious? As is he *fanning myself*. This is one of my favorite covers to date. I love the lime colors, the scruffiness of the guy, and his delicious, sculpted torso.

Here’s a quick preview of Wolf Raider:


Lizzie swiveled, marched out of the bathroom, and headed for the conference room that had just about become her office over the last few months.

Chad glanced up when she walked through the doorway. The wayward forelock, she found sexier than a roomful of naked Greek gods, dusted a dark brow.

Not a single stain of surprise marked his features.

She hadn’t expected no reaction at all.

What in heck?

The pounding in her ears exploded into a deafening bongo drumming when he walked a slow circle around her, his hooded stare spearing her from the tips of the shiny black boots to her unbound riot of raven-black curls. He removed her nerd owl-shaped spectacles. “You don’t need these.”

Uneasiness wrenched her belly.

He knew.


Oh God.

The temptation to cut and haul ass near blindsided her.

He chucked the glasses onto the table.

Set his thumb to her throat pulse, drew a line from the center of her collarbone up her neck to balance the tip of her chin on his finger. Uttered not a single sound, but his mouth kinked up into a sardonic smirk.  The one that told his prey he knew the answer to his silent challenge.  She gnashed her back molars.

Deciding to brazen it out, Lizzie assumed a classic runway model-pose, one hip thrust forward, chest lifted, and spine as rigid as a steel beam. “I don’t need them to see, if that’s what you’re getting at. They do serve a useful purpose, however.”

“Keeping the wolves at bay?” The crooked grin, once again, didn’t quite reach his eyes. His stare didn’t waver.

If only he was a real wolf, as shifter, the alpha to her beta, the mate she yearned to find. But no, Chad MacTire had no primal instincts beyond gutting and quartering a company. He was a raider, a feral predator who destroyed firm after firm.

It didn’t matter a whit.

The man ignited her every erogenous zone—physical and mental, though until meeting him, she never knew a male’s mind could get her juices flowing. She craved his large, muscled, body, fantasized about his cock. But, she also loved his razor-blade humor, his analytical mind, the way he whittled a takeover to the absolute basics.

This had to work.

Having a hookup with Chad MacTire would drive him out of her head.


Hope that teasing preview makes your Monday magical.



My Alpha & Spatial Challenges!

I’m direction challenged. Spatially too. All my friends know never to ask me whether turn left or right. Instead they say— which hand? You can imagine how difficult it was for me to write a book situated on two sets of back-to-back neighborhood alcoves. I  kept getting so confused  while writing the action scenes for My Alpha that I eventually had to draw the two streets and the main road connecting them. Here’s what I came up with;

Alpha map


Guess I should also add, I’m drawing challenged too :).

My Alpha, book #2 in the White Wolf Pack series,  was released yesterday and should now be available at all major book sellers.

Here’s the sexy cover and the blurb;


Susie White wants no picket fences, no alpha, and no cubs. White wolf woman she may be, but no pack for her, no sireee. Alpha me not, that’s her motto. In all caps.

Half-breed wolf Joe Huroq’s not looking for a mate. His job in international security’s too dangerous and too erratic for relationships. Stop and go screwing, that’s his motto—hot and heavy between missions. Then he glimpses his new neighbor tanning nude and the situation explodes. Literally. Susie’s house is consumed by fire.

What’s Joe to do but offer Susie sanctuary?

Susie can’t resist the temptation of hunky bad-ass Joe. She suggests a friends with benefits arrangement, which he accepts with remarkable alacrity. The sex is frantic, steaming, and non-stop. Neither one can keep their hands off the other. Then Joe’s best friend’s son is kidnapped on the way home from school, the fire’s deemed arson, and two other kids go missing. A serial killer’s on the loose, and he has Susie in his sights. Susie refuses to accept Joe’s mate claim. Can he keep her safe when she won’t obey a single order?

Click on the cover to go to the Amazon buy link for My Alpha!

Have a fabulous Friday!




Wolf Raider!

My_Alpha-Jianne_Carlo-500x800Because I’m immersed to the eyeballs in wolves—I’m currently writing Wolf Raider, #3 in the White Wolf Pack series, and Wùlfe, #1 in the Viking Invasion series—I figured I’d start off this week with a bang and give everyone a taste of Wolf Raider!

Excerpt from Wolf Raider:


Blizzard conditions—check.

Transportation impossible—check.

Being ‘forced’ to spend the night at Chad Lexington’s condo—check.

“My sister keeps a few clothes here.”

The object of Lizzie White’s sexual fantasies for the last five months raked her from tilted beret to BDSM-style boots. Her breasts sizzled under his searing stare. She prayed her feverish desire and frazzled nerves didn’t show, and clamped her mouth shut.

“She’s shorter than you.”

Chad’s gaze fixed on her chest and no amount of willing her blood to cool worked. Her nipples budded and her juices tickled her labia. Sweat coated her nape and her grip on the laptop case white-knuckled.

“It’d probably be better if I loaned you sweats and a T-shirt. They’ll be big, but that’s better than wearing too tight clothes.”

The devil had it in for her.

Chad’s sweats abrading her pussy. The material that gloved his cock riding her clit. Cat on a hot tin roof had nothing on the sexual tension driving Lizzie. “Thanks, but not necessary, I sleep in the altogether. I am sorry to put you to such an inconvenience, however.”

Lie number one—she wasn’t sorry at all.

Had Mr. Stoic actually blinked at her I-sleep-naked declaration?

“It’s not as if you caused the worst weather conditions in the last century of Chicago weather.” As usual, his smile didn’t quite reflect in those impenetrable silver-rimmed eyes.

She repressed a grin.

Of course, he’d never in this universe believe she’d caused the blizzard deliberately. But she had. It had all been part of the plan to seduce him. Lizzie couldn’t wait for him to see her without the glasses and the dowdy clothes she normally wore. As it was, the boots had had him flummoxed from the second she’d stepped into his condo.

“The snow’s so wet I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost power soon.”


Hot screwing happened in blackouts.

Both their glances swept to the wall of windows opposite and the white sheets of dense flakes cuffing the glass. Lizzie hoped the heat climbing her throat didn’t mean she was blushing. No man ever had this effect on her except Chad Lexington.

“What do you want to eat? I’m not sure how long The North Plains Kitchen on the lobby level will remain open and I don’t stock food beyond a stash of power bars.”

He didn’t glance her way but continued to study the falling snow.

Lizzie gnashed her teeth. Not once in the last five months of working together day after day had he shown an iota of interest in her as a woman. He baffled her.

In so many ways it felt as if they knew each other inside out. Chad was the only one on their five member team who got her sardonic sense of humor. She couldn’t begin to count the number of times they’d shared rolling-eyes smiles when no one else understood one of her mocking comments.

Yet, not once had he ever given her a male once over. And at least once every few hours, in the middle of some complex derivative analysis, some lurid fantasy of them naked and sweaty popped into her head.

She figured Chad and the other team members must believe she had a bladder issue because of her frequent bathroom visits. She, who once wore only thongs, had switched to old lady panties because of the embarrassing frequent stickiness between her thighs.


Hope that kick-started your week!



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