Wolf Raider!

My_Alpha-Jianne_Carlo-500x800Because I’m immersed to the eyeballs in wolves—I’m currently writing Wolf Raider, #3 in the White Wolf Pack series, and Wùlfe, #1 in the Viking Invasion series—I figured I’d start off this week with a bang and give everyone a taste of Wolf Raider!

Excerpt from Wolf Raider:


Blizzard conditions—check.

Transportation impossible—check.

Being ‘forced’ to spend the night at Chad Lexington’s condo—check.

“My sister keeps a few clothes here.”

The object of Lizzie White’s sexual fantasies for the last five months raked her from tilted beret to BDSM-style boots. Her breasts sizzled under his searing stare. She prayed her feverish desire and frazzled nerves didn’t show, and clamped her mouth shut.

“She’s shorter than you.”

Chad’s gaze fixed on her chest and no amount of willing her blood to cool worked. Her nipples budded and her juices tickled her labia. Sweat coated her nape and her grip on the laptop case white-knuckled.

“It’d probably be better if I loaned you sweats and a T-shirt. They’ll be big, but that’s better than wearing too tight clothes.”

The devil had it in for her.

Chad’s sweats abrading her pussy. The material that gloved his cock riding her clit. Cat on a hot tin roof had nothing on the sexual tension driving Lizzie. “Thanks, but not necessary, I sleep in the altogether. I am sorry to put you to such an inconvenience, however.”

Lie number one—she wasn’t sorry at all.

Had Mr. Stoic actually blinked at her I-sleep-naked declaration?

“It’s not as if you caused the worst weather conditions in the last century of Chicago weather.” As usual, his smile didn’t quite reflect in those impenetrable silver-rimmed eyes.

She repressed a grin.

Of course, he’d never in this universe believe she’d caused the blizzard deliberately. But she had. It had all been part of the plan to seduce him. Lizzie couldn’t wait for him to see her without the glasses and the dowdy clothes she normally wore. As it was, the boots had had him flummoxed from the second she’d stepped into his condo.

“The snow’s so wet I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost power soon.”


Hot screwing happened in blackouts.

Both their glances swept to the wall of windows opposite and the white sheets of dense flakes cuffing the glass. Lizzie hoped the heat climbing her throat didn’t mean she was blushing. No man ever had this effect on her except Chad Lexington.

“What do you want to eat? I’m not sure how long The North Plains Kitchen on the lobby level will remain open and I don’t stock food beyond a stash of power bars.”

He didn’t glance her way but continued to study the falling snow.

Lizzie gnashed her teeth. Not once in the last five months of working together day after day had he shown an iota of interest in her as a woman. He baffled her.

In so many ways it felt as if they knew each other inside out. Chad was the only one on their five member team who got her sardonic sense of humor. She couldn’t begin to count the number of times they’d shared rolling-eyes smiles when no one else understood one of her mocking comments.

Yet, not once had he ever given her a male once over. And at least once every few hours, in the middle of some complex derivative analysis, some lurid fantasy of them naked and sweaty popped into her head.

She figured Chad and the other team members must believe she had a bladder issue because of her frequent bathroom visits. She, who once wore only thongs, had switched to old lady panties because of the embarrassing frequent stickiness between her thighs.


Hope that kick-started your week!



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