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ftr_white-wolf White Wolf - The Call of a Soul DemonSeed

As a participant in the Fall into Fall Blog Hop, I’m supposed to feature books that I love. These are three of my favorites:

Flowers From The Storm by Laura Kinsale, Midnight Angel by Lisa Marie Rice, & Come To Me by Josie Litton

The first book deals with strokes and insanity during Regency period, the second is an erotic men in uniform classic, and the last romance is a haunting Viking tale set during King Alfred the Great’s reign.

Flowers From The Storm is the tale of a rakehell Duke who has a stroke and becomes temporarily paralyzed and unable to speak. He’s saved from Bedlam (that infamous mental prison) by, of all things, a devout Quaker. It’s a beautiful story.

I read the Midnight series eight years ago and they all stand the test of time. Midnight Angel’s my favorite of the trilogy because I totally fell in love with Kowalski. What’s not to love about a warrior, who, because he’s ugly and likes sex, learns how to please women so he can get a ton of action?

Come to Me is one of my all-time goto Viking books. The male protagonist, Wolf, is to die for and the heroine, Lady Cymbra, is no simpering female. She matches wits and will with Wolf tit for tat.

Has anyone read any of these? What are your favorite genres and books?

Enjoy the hop; remember you can comment once a day from 09/13 to 09/21 and each comment counts for an entry. Click on the button below to go to the next blog on the hop!





Trinidad – The Beautiful!

Looking down at my Mom's house from Chancellor Hill - THE viewpoint for the city of Port-of-Spain

Looking down at my Mon’s house from Chancellor Hill – THE viewpoint for the city of Port-of-Spain

Okay, I can’t resist showing you more of my incredibly beautiful homeland. This is it – honestly – I promise you not to bore you again. But, Trinidad, is an amazing island and just be grateful I’m not wowing you with Tobago – holy crayola on a banana – Tobago is awesome!!!

I’ll save that for another trip. At any rate, here’s Trinidad – The Beautiful!

Going over The Northern Range to Maracas

Going over The Northern Range to Maracas

Maracas Beach - a favorite of the locals. We took our sons here every Sunday.

Maracas Beach – a favorite of the locals. We took our sons here every Sunday.

Breakfast at Maracas Beach is always Bake & Shark - scrumptious!

Breakfast at Maracas Beach is always Bake & Shark – scrumptious!

Cresting The Northern Range - always breathtaking - Venezuela is 9 miles distant!

Cresting The Northern Range – always breathtaking

View of Port-of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad & Tobago from Chancellor Hill

View of Port-of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad & Tobago from Chancellor Hill

Another view from Chancellor

Another view from Chancellor

Hope you enjoy!




Ricky Less & More

IMG_1039During the month of August, I am going to be working on revamping my website. Any suggestions? Send them in.

We returned from our trip to a Ricky less house. We’ve had Ricky for 6 months because his master (my young ‘un’s friend) was not in a pet-friendly building. It was supposed to be for one weekend in December and, well, it’s now been six months.

I love Ricky and it’s terrible to not have him sleeping on the landing when I wake up. I miss him dogging my footsteps every morning until I pick up his leash for our walk. I miss his toys being scattered all over the house. I am in mourning. So, I will be featuring my favorite Ricky pics today and for the rest of the month until my blog hop next week.


Cool Ricky


Sheepish Ricky


Embarrassed Ricky


Coping with Change Trini-style!


Taken from the second floor of my mother’s house. That tree needs to go 🙂

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve visited Trinidad for longer than a couple of days. (I don’t count the visit 2 years ago, when I broke my leg on the second day in Trinidad). The changes are astounding. Port of Spain, the capital, and its environs have grown explosively. I thought I’d share a few pics with everyone.


South-west View from The Union Club situated in the Nicholas Building in the middle of downtown Port-of-Spain. In the distance on the right is the city of San Fernando.


Looking directly at downtown.


North-west view of the Northern Range of mountains. The first pic was taken from the middle mountain in the background.


The Union Club is one of those British Old-boy clubs, which only allowed women memberships in the late 80s. The restaurant has a 180 view of the city.


The Tobago Ferry awaiting passengers and cargo. The ferry-ride to Tobago takes about 2 hours.


Looking directly at the Gulf of Paria, which separates Trinidad from Venezuela. At it’s closest point, the distance between Trinidad & Venezuela is only 9 miles.


The swath of green on the left is The Savannah. The Trini equivalent of Central Park. It’s the biggest roundabout (traffic circle) in the world.


A partial view of Independence Square.


Going Back Home

Trinidad - vew from 17 072813Home. The word has so many different meanings for so many people. It’s challenging if you’ve lived in more than one place and downright confusing if you’re an immigrant, like me. Though my mother gave birth to me in Georgetown, Guyana, we moved to Trinidad when I was five, and I spent most of my formative years in that country. At sixteen and a half, I headed off the college to the University of Guelph in Canada. There, I met and married my Dutch-born husband. We lived in various parts of Canada for over seven years before moving to Trinidad.

My kids were born in Trinidad and Tobago and we spent fourteen incredible years there before, once again, changing countries. To date, we’ve lived in Florida for thirteen years. As I write this blog, I am back home.So where is home? I’ve come to believe it’s where your parents lived during your formative years. I am blessed to have my mother with me still, but I wonder if Trinidad will still be home when the inevitable happens.

My three boys are divided on the subject. They spent every summer while we were in Florida in Trinidad. They have friends here as do we, yet, for them home is Florida. And as for my poor hubby, he calls both Canada and Trinidad home. Truth be told, he’s way more Trinidadian than I’ll ever be. He took to Trini like a duck to water.

I haven’t been back to Trinidad in ten years and the changes are incredible. The country is not the one I remember and I feel like a stranger. So, have I come home? Or is that definition changing?

Where’s your home?




P.S. The pic is of the view from my mom’s home and the house where I lived in my early