Cats, Dogs, and Babies!

There’s no better way to start Hump Day (other than with a Camel)!

Here’s a cute video on guilty dogs!

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


Dogs and Guilt!

I have long been convinced that our furry friends are as guilt-ridden as we are. This video just proves it.

Can you tell I’m doggy-deprived? Sigh. I’ve been looking into the dogcation site and trying to persuade the Viking to agree to being a host. Truly, can a site be more convenient? You sign up, host a dog while his/her parents are on vacation, and you get paid for it. What can go wrong with that one?

Also looking at airbnb – anyone have experience with this? We have empty rooms now that all the Viking warriors are on their own. Why not make money off them? All and any comments on your experiences with airbnb welcome.

Have a great Thor’s Day!

Hump Day – Dogs Don’t Love Baths!

Happy Hump Day!

By now, I’ sure everyone knows I’m an animal lover, but dogs have a special place in my heart. I woke up this morning missing every canine who was once my best friend. Since I don’t currently have a dog buddy, I decided to live vicariously by watching funny doggy videos on YouTube. I think this might become a weekly habit.

This clip so reminded me of trying to bath anyone of my wonderful canine companions. From my first ever doggy buddy, Timothy, an amazing German Shepherd to my last, Spunky—a Black Lab/Ridgeback mixed breed, if I even looked like I was about to say the word bath, they were either dead weight or under the bed.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday.



In loving memory.



Ricky Less & More

IMG_1039During the month of August, I am going to be working on revamping my website. Any suggestions? Send them in.

We returned from our trip to a Ricky less house. We’ve had Ricky for 6 months because his master (my young ‘un’s friend) was not in a pet-friendly building. It was supposed to be for one weekend in December and, well, it’s now been six months.

I love Ricky and it’s terrible to not have him sleeping on the landing when I wake up. I miss him dogging my footsteps every morning until I pick up his leash for our walk. I miss his toys being scattered all over the house. I am in mourning. So, I will be featuring my favorite Ricky pics today and for the rest of the month until my blog hop next week.


Cool Ricky


Sheepish Ricky


Embarrassed Ricky