Ricky – In Memoriam

rickyMy beloved Richard Louis Schader, aka Ricky, passed away on Monday night. I am devastated. Ricky brought joy, light, and sheer happiness to the lives he touched, including mine and the Viking, and my three sons. And he wasn’t even my Golden Retriever.

We were privileged to be able to care for Ricky for six months while his true master looked for a pet friendly place to live. During those wonderful six months, we fell in total love with Ricky and he became part of our family.

When it was time for Ricky to leave, I negotiated custody rights, and our home became ‘Ricky’s Vacation Home’ a few times a year. Ricky visited three times this year; for my birthday, for a week in the summer, and for a long weekend in October. I am so happy I was able to have him recently.

Here are a few of the hundreds of pics I took of Ricky.

RIP, Ricky. I will always love you.





IMG_1234 IMG_1230 IMG_1225 IMG_1039









Ricky in car looking back Ricky behind John in car Ricky in car Ricky in car full face








Today, Ricky’s Vacation Home is in mourning.

Our sincere condolences to Andrew.

Ricky Less & More

IMG_1039During the month of August, I am going to be working on revamping my website. Any suggestions? Send them in.

We returned from our trip to a Ricky less house. We’ve had Ricky for 6 months because his master (my young ‘un’s friend) was not in a pet-friendly building. It was supposed to be for one weekend in December and, well, it’s now been six months.

I love Ricky and it’s terrible to not have him sleeping on the landing when I wake up. I miss him dogging my footsteps every morning until I pick up his leash for our walk. I miss his toys being scattered all over the house. I am in mourning. So, I will be featuring my favorite Ricky pics today and for the rest of the month until my blog hop next week.


Cool Ricky


Sheepish Ricky


Embarrassed Ricky