Primal Lust – Sneak Preview!

I’m so thrilled this Magnificent Monday morning. Taliesin Publishing has not only contracted the first book in my new Prymal Series – Prymal Lust – they’ve agreed to contract the whole series! So, you know that means  I have to do a sneak preview today. First, here’s my hunky inspiration for the Prymal alpha hero of the book, Axe R. Smith:

FrankSepe18 (2)

Here’s the blurb for Prymal Lust:

Tania, a Wylfen aristocrat, hooks up with a stranger right before her twin’s graduation from military college. Not hours later, the bottom drops out of her world when she’s introduced to Axe, her twin’s new SEAL commander. Then she discovers he’s a Prymal Wolf, the arch enemy of her people. Wylfen laws prohibit her from mating with a half-breed. If anyone finds out she’s mated with Axe, exile is the least she has to fear…

Prymal Lust – Sneak Preview:

Unable to resist, Axe nipped Tania’s claim spot. Breathed in the essence of his mate. Knew in that moment he couldn’t let her go. From the second he’d scented her in the stadium, he’d been a goner. The need to claim her, to mark her, to protect her had overcome him.

Mine. Mine. Mine.

The word boomeranged in his head.

His fangs ached. He ran his tongue over the pointy tips. His dick began to swell at the base. His mating instincts were on overdrive, ready to seal his sperm in her. If he didn’t get out of her blistering heatright away, their fates would be cemented.

He had to stop inhaling her fragrance. Had to force his fingers to stop petting her silky skin. Had to stop tasting and feeling the pulse beating in the hollow of her throat. She was making these sweet little noises, a whimper-purring kind of sound.

Axe lifted onto his forearms and glanced down at her.

She wore a Madonna smile.

He grinned. Kissed the tip of her nose.

Her eyelids flew up. She stared at him. Color rioted across her face. She ducked her head. Clamped a hand over her eyes. “I can’t believe we just…”

Nudging her chin, he teased, “Screwed like minxes?”

She whipped her hand away and wrinkled her nose at him. “Do you have to put it that way?”

“My bad. Made love like minxes.” He waggled his brows. “Better?”

“No.” She shoved at his chest. “How long—”

“Not long enough. Next one, we take our time.” He forced himself to ease out of her tight, hot sheath. Regret dogged every millimeter of his withdrawal. He stared at damp mahogany curls framing her core. Blew out a sigh when his cock popped out of her with a loud sucking noise. His dick had found home and didn’t want to leave.

He yanked out his pocket square and gently wiped the creamy dampness from her folds. Every instinct urged him to roll her over onto her hands and knees, instead he patted dry her pubic hair, and reluctantly pulled her skirt back into place.

“You’ll have to write off the panties. They got ground into the dirt.” He bent down, retrieved the brown-stained strip of lace, absently rubbed the crotch over his nose, and then stuck the underwear in his pants pocket.

Finger-combing her lush brown locks, she declared, “No one can know about this.”

He grit his teeth. “I wasn’t about to broadcast our matin.”

She narrowed her eyes and jammed her hands on her hip bones. “And there isn’t going to be a next time.”

Hope you liked!




  1. Thanks Allie. Still hoping to actually meet you this year!

  2. Wow. It’s a toss-up which was more drool-worthy, the photo or the excerpt. Way to heat things up, Jianne.

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