Cats, Dogs, and Babies!

There’s no better way to start Hump Day (other than with a Camel)!

Here’s a cute video on guilty dogs!

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


The Hump Day Remix Rocks!

First of all, it’s HUMP DAY-EH!

I found this fabulous remix of the original Hump Day ad! OMG, I’ve been replaying this over and over. Check it out!


What a great way to begin the day!

Have a wondrous Wednesday!

Hump Day – Dogs Don’t Love Baths!

Happy Hump Day!

By now, I’ sure everyone knows I’m an animal lover, but dogs have a special place in my heart. I woke up this morning missing every canine who was once my best friend. Since I don’t currently have a dog buddy, I decided to live vicariously by watching funny doggy videos on YouTube. I think this might become a weekly habit.

This clip so reminded me of trying to bath anyone of my wonderful canine companions. From my first ever doggy buddy, Timothy, an amazing German Shepherd to my last, Spunky—a Black Lab/Ridgeback mixed breed, if I even looked like I was about to say the word bath, they were either dead weight or under the bed.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday.



In loving memory.



Hunk/Hump Day!

Now that I have five Hades Squad covers, all the work of the uber-talented Georgia Woods, I had, had to show them off all side by side. What better day than hunk day!

Sinner-Jianne_Carlo-100x160  Lucifer-Jianne_Carlo-100x160  Devil-Jianne_Carlo-100x160  Demon-Jianne_Carlo-100x160  Satan-Jianne_Carlo-100x160

I looove these covers!

And since it is hump day as well and I looove the GEICO camel ads, here’s one for you:

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Have a Happy Hump Day!



Hump Day !

I looooove the new Geico ad with the camel about hump day! I kill myself laughing when the camel goes, “Hump Daaaay!” in the background at the end of the commercial.

And what could be more appropriate than watching that video today?

What are your favorite commercials? Which ones do you absolutely detest!