Branded by Étaín, The Beasts of Bärvik Book One Releases!

Branded_by_Etain-Jianne_Carlo-banner468x60Release day for a new book is both exhilarating and downright terrifying for me. My poor gray matter’s a-buzz with stinging questions and worry.

Will readers like it? OMG – are the reviewers going to trash it? Except for the copy my mom always buys, will anyone fork out the $ to purchase it?

Today’s no different from any of my other release days. My stomach’s rioting and all I can gulp down is way too much coffee.

At any rate, Branded by Étaín is now available from the regular suspects, but here are the three main links, the book blurb, cover, and another excerpt:


Can a princess tame a beast?

Princess Étaín of Caul Carlinne remains unsullied by her violent past. When she chooses Brand of Bärvik as her mate, has she brought havoc and destruction to her people?

Excerpt – Branded by Étaín, The Beasts of Bärvik Book One:

Étaín interrupted Margie’s third iteration of what to expect when Brand consummated their marriage. She had not a shred of worry that the act would be anything but wondrous. “Be done with it, Margie. My head fair throbs with thoughts of peckers, stones, pearls, and quims. I trust in Brand. Did he not say he would cherish me when Da asked? I am a truthsayer. He spoke truly.”

“He is a very large man.” Margie picked up a tortoise shell horsehair brush and stroked Étaín’s springy curls.

“So is your Darren.”

“I am twice your height and weight. ’Tis easier for a woman like me to accommodate a large pecker. You must not overexcite him, otherwise he will be rough with you.”

“How could I overexcite him?” The mere sight of him made her woman parts moisten. Did the same happen with men?

“Do not caress his willy and touch not his balls.”

“Willy? Balls?” ’Twas a new language to be learned for this bedsport.

“Pecker, stones. Men have scores of names for their parts. Some e’en name them. Darren says his brother, Padraig, calls his prick ‘Olympus.’”

Étaín’s heart skipped a few beats when the sound of stomping feet reached her ears. “Did you hear that?”

“Aye. They approach. Quick, under the sheets. I will leave after the last man departs.” Margie drew the linen covers to right under Étaín’s chin and gave her a quick hug.

The doors slammed open, and the men of Caul Cairlinne, carrying a naked Brand above their heads, tramped into the room roaring the limerick Prick Her Well. The words ricocheted around the chamber:

Prick her well,

And her belly will swell,

Fill her with your seed,

And ease your need,

Make her see stars,

And sons be your rewards

The singing faded into the background when the men dumped Brand onto the other side of the bed.

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Excerpt – Branded by Étaín , The Beasts of Bärvik, Book One

Branded_by_Etain-Jianne_Carlo-200x320 Here’s another excerpt from Branded by Étaín , The Beasts of Bärvik, Book One:

“’Tis a prosperous settlement.” Nikolas pulled the hood of his thick cloak forward.


“How fared your meeting with Princess Étaín?”

“As planned. We are invited to feast at the castle.” Odin’s luck had been with Brand the first day he set foot on Caul Cairlinne.

He had encountered his prey, Princess Étaín, and captured her attention with one heated glance. Every night since then, he had woven his way into her dreams and filled her mind with images of the two of them in bedsport. Timid visions, to be cert.

It had taken all his discipline to keep the images tame. To tamp down his burning desire to bedevil her with carnal pleasure until she did his bidding with not a moment’s hesitation.

Brand studied the crowded market and spied Étaín turning onto one of the paths leading away from the village. She headed in the direction of the blacksmith. A smile chased his lips. He had promised the blacksmith work aplenty, enough to fill his coffers for a lifetime and more, and gained a wealth of knowledge in return.

Princess Étaín.

The truthsayer of Caul Cairlinne, the daughter of King Mac Eiccnigh mac [111] Dalagh[J2] , his wife to be, and the woman who would make him a ruler of this settlement.

Her innocence struck at the ugliness carved into his soul, the beast that had arisen within him and the other members of his demesne when the fire mountain on their isle[J3]  began spewing its innards and dense clouds of acrid smoke and black ash.

Their herds died overnight. Hundreds of cattle carcasses littered the settlement. The stench had been overwhelming. A sickness spread through the population and sent those who were struck into a berserker killing spree. Then the dream weaving began in the survivors and threatened their sanity. Brand had been the first one to speak of it, and he became the leader of the reduced numbers left in the colony.

“Think you she will breed the dream weaving out of you?”

Brand shrugged. “Only time will tell.”

The sun bathed the crush of market goers and glinted off the axes of the fisherman hacking at their catch. He followed Étaín’s lithe form as she meandered between the throngs.

She brimmed with life spirit, the joy bubbling into her lithe fidgeting; the happiness she exuded glowed like ’twas a tiny bright sun following her, which shone only on her petite figure. She bristled with energy and had danced in place earlier while searching the throngs for him.

He smirked. It was him she looked for, it was him she sought, and tonight he would make her his.

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Excerpt – Branded by Étaín , The Beasts of Bärvik, Book One

Branded_by_Etain-Jianne_Carlo-200x320Branded by Étaín releases this Thursday!!!! Yay. I love my Vikings and this story begins a whole new series incorporating Celtic Irish mythology. It’s so much fun weaving ancient legends into tales. This week the dh and I are on a mini-holiday, so I’ve set up for a new excerpt each day until Branded by Étaín is finally unveiled. Here’s the first one:

Excerpt One – Branded by Étaín:

Étaín twisted this way and that, frantically searching the crowd milling about the market. She held her breath.

He had to be here.

The brisk icy wind buffeting her brat, the new emerald-hued cloak she had commissioned for this very day, did naught to chase away the blazing excitement heating her from within. The tips of her fingers tingled. She tiptoed and peeked ’tween two of the five guards surrounding her and Cedilla.

Where was he?

She knew he was here. Only his presence drove her to a giddiness she had not felt since Eachan stole her youth.

Scarlet and gold streaks blazed across the charcoal horizon of the settlement, Caul Cairlinne, famed for its rich soil, abundant forests, and rumored hoards of fairy gold. ’Twas the end of the festival of Lúnasa and the last moon market of summer.

Dozens streamed around the ring of guards protecting her, men on horseback, peddlers pushing carts, women heaving oversized baskets, and children skipping, shouting and dancing with unbridled energy. The hordes thrummed with exhilaration and anticipation.

Roosters crowed, piglets squealed, cows lowed, and ponies brayed.

The yeasty aroma of bread baking tangled with the briny scent of the sea and the mouth-watering smell of meat roasting all combined to tempt the palate, but Étaín craved not food. Though she had not broken her fast this morn, Étaín hungered only for a glimpse of him, the warrior she had dreamed of since their eyes first met at the Spring Market.

In the beginning, he haunted only her nights, but after their encounter two months ago, he had come to her in daylight too. Through his eyes, she learned of his dismal, barren land and the fire-spewing mountain he both abhorred and feared. She tasted both his grief and rigid determination.

Today, she would speak with him, the warrior fated to be hers, if only for a year and a day.

The man she intended to wed, whether Da approved or not.

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Winners of The Romance Reviews Fall into Fall Blog Hop!

Fall into Romance Box Graphic*blushing in embarrassment*

I’m late with this announcement. Believe me, I know.

To make up for my tardiness I’m awarding not only the THREE prizes promised for the hop, but an additional FOUR more!!! See – readers win when I’m late.



Here are the Fall into Fall Blog Hop winners:

logo - amazon gift cardJC_AlphaMeNot_coverin     JC_DemonSeed_coverin

Emily W – $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

Nicki B – Alpha Me Not

Tori MacAllister – Demon Seed

FOUR Additional Prizes go to:

bear-and-bride 200    ftr_AParatrooperinaPearTree    JC_CarnalinCannes_coverin    ftr_white-wolf

Carolyn – The Bear and The Bride

Satchmo – A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree

Nikki – Carnal in Cannes

Jamie L – White Wolf

I’ll announce the winners on Twitter and Facebook.

Winners have five days to email me at [email protected] to collect their prizes.

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Death Blow wins Passionate Plume’s Best Historical 2012!

DeathBlowWhat a way to start the week.

Yesterday, I discovered Death Blow won the Passionate Plume’s Best Historical of 2012!!!

And it got better – Malice Striker came in third in the contest *grinning from ear to ear*.

Scout’s honor honest – I was so thrilled to be included as a finalist with authors, Cari Silverwood, Gem Sivad, and Sabrina York, that I didn’t care about winning *secret smile*. It, however, always feels good to be number one.

Congrats to all the winners!

Here’s the actual announcement:

Passionate Ink is Proud to Announce its 8th Annual Passionate Plume Published Winners!


1.    Death Blow    by Jianne Carlo

2.    Pinch of Naughty    by Gem Sivad

3.    Malice Striker    by Jianne CarloMaliceStriker

4.    Folly    by Sabrina York

5.    Rough Surrender    by Cari Silverwood


1.    Unleashed     by Crystal Jordan

2.    Nightfall    by Robyn Bachar

3.    FrankenDom    by Robin L. Rotham

4.    Tangled Web  by Christa McHugh

5.    Other Oceans: Book 2 of the Hook & Jill Saga    by Andrea Jones

6.    Mayan Inferno    by A.S. Fenichel


1.    Night Games    by Crystal Jordan

2.    Cat Scratch Fever    by Jodi Redford

3.    Hero Revealed    by Anna Alexander

4.    Wicked Wonderland    by Lisa Whitefern

5.    Embrace Me at Dawn    by Shayla Black


1.    Tex-Mex Sex Hex    by Maggie Montgomery

2.    Ink Lust    by Jayne Kingston

3.    Free For All    by Jayne Rylon

4.    Passion Pill    by Kelli Scott

5.    Blind Passion    by Kelli Scott


1. Temptation’s Edge    by Eden Bradley

2. Adam’s Obsession    by Sabrina York

3. Private Dancer    by Kimberly Dean

4. Darkest Sin    by Mandy Harbin

5. A Dom is Forever    by Lexi Blake

Have a great Monday!