What’s Cooking for The Hades Squad & More!

I’ve finally had the time to talk to my editors and plan the writing year. Yay! I have goals and too many ideas to get onto paper/screen.

Release dates etc. will be finalized as the year progresses.

I will be adding a WIP (Works in Progress) section to the website, which will be available to anyone who’s signed up for the newsletter.

Here we go!

Existing Series and Books

VV banner

Vengeance Hammer, Book Three:  Release Date – May 17, 2013

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The Wolf With The Broken Smile (Chad & Lizzie) – est. completion date – May 2013

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Two books this year.


Caught you!

Thought there was only going to be one more, huh?

Shifty, Sinner’s cousin, will have his own tale.

Shifty’s Bacchanal – estimated completion date – July 2013

Satan’s Angel – estimated completion date – November 2013

New Books and Series

Murphy’s Laws of Time-Travel

A time-travel, fantasy series set between 2013 and 1763.

Book #1 – That Pearly Drop

Orca Rules

A contemporary, wounded SEAL series set in the north-west.

Book #1 – Torch the Wind

Ricky’s Landing

A paranormal, contemporary suspense series set in the Caribbean.

Book #1 – Wolf Without

Varangian Fury.

A Viking series set in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

Book #1 – The Viking’s Chains

As of today, I am about three weeks shy of getting previews up for The Wolf with the Broken Smile, That Pearly Drop, and Torch the Wind. The rest will follow *fingers crossed* soon after. It seems as if I may be having a creative tsunami. Here’s hoping my time and fingers keep pace with the tidal wave of new ideas.

Send me an email if you want to know more.





  1. Wow after all of this writing, I hope you have fingers left to hold up a book to read! I understandchocolatehepsalot.

    • It does, though I can’t have it. I’m probably the only person you’ll ever meet who’s allergic to chocolate, Joye. Thank you so much for dropping in.

  2. Cristina Machado says

    Vow! This will be a prolific year to you, Jianne. Keep calm and writing much, for our pleasure, of course. Well, I’m thrilled with Varangian fury, I never am bored to my vikings. And certainly, it will be many adventures (something related to Varangian guard of Byzantiun?). I would like to know if we will have Mus and Tighe in this series, it will be perfect!

    • Hi Christina, thanks for dropping by! Yes, Varangian Fury is about the elite legion of Varangians who serve the in the Byzantine army and are the personal bodyguards of the emperor. Right now I’m not sure if Mus and Tighe are going to be in this series. I promise to keep you updated once I start the first book 🙂

  3. Jianne you are quite the busy bee this year! I must say I’m excited to read EVERYTHING!!! Congrats on being able to read so many different series/stories this year!

    • Thanks Timitra – not sure that I’ll finish them all, but I’m going to give it the old college try for sure. How’re your studies going?

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