X is for X-Rated!

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I don’t believe there’s any need for an explanation for the X is for X-rated once you read today’s excerpt.

JC_DeviantDevil_coverin Deviant Devil Blurb:

Devil pulled the auction card from the envelope and read, “One blowjob in a private room. Condom mandatory. Touching only on my part. This is what you didn’t specify. Clothing, position, restraints. Forty-five seconds have elapsed. I can keep you here as long as I want until I come in your mouth, latex covered, as specified.”

The last person Devil expects to see in a BDSM club is the best friend of his buddy’s new wife, Jessica Blaine. The all-American apple pie woman he wants so badly it’s her face he sees every orgasm for the last nine months. Is she playing? Exploring? Tough, she’s on his turf now, she’s put herself up for auction, and by God she’s his for the night.

Jess is scared spit less. She’s going to suck off the man who may have killed, Aung, the college student she mentors who vanished three weeks earlier. When the wrong man, a masked stranger, wins the auction, she has no choice but to proceed. Horrified when she not only responds to the masked stranger, but climaxes, Jess flees.

Devil lets her go fully intending to reel her in. His way.


As instructed, Demon had her kneeling on the soft carpet, blindfolded, arms stretched wide, and the silk bonds on her wrists connected to rings attached via a long arm to the walls. She had her head cocked to one side. Even in the dim lighting, the robe hid none of her charms, and the outline of her curves, the shadow between her thighs had his pulse doing erratic leapfrogs.

Adjusting the dimmer of the overhead lights so he could feast on Jess’s responses and fine-tune his strategy, Devil circled her kneeling form. The fury he’d managed to dam detonated and erupted. Molten lava replaced his blood. He stood there inhaling liquid fire, repeating SEAL breathing exercises until he regained control, and assumed his dom mode.

“I didn’t agree to this.” Her voice wavered, but she lifted her chin in defiance. “I agreed to a blowjob.”

Devil pulled the auction card from the envelope and read, “One blowjob in a private room. Condom mandatory. Touching only on my part.”

She exhaled, her uneven breathing a sonata to his ears.

“That’s right. Exactly right.”

He pulled out his switchblade, slit her robe down the middle, and stifled a hiss as the material parted to reveal creamy skin, the swells of her breasts, a flat belly he dreamed of, pale golden curls framing the treasure between slender thighs.

Squatting so their faces were level, he drank in the sight of her: the long, elegant neck, the delicate line of her jaw, the cock-stiffening perfume peculiar only to this woman. A finger’s width separated their noses. Devil knew she felt his closeness, waited for him to respond, and he let the silence stretch, relishing the short puffs of minty breath escaping her pouting mouth.

“What are you doing?” She tugged furiously at the silk bonds holding her arms wide. “I demand a witness. I’m allowed that. Those are the rules.”

“This is what you didn’t specify. Clothing, position, restraints.” Devil checked his watch. “Forty-five seconds have elapsed. I can keep you here as long as I want until I come in your mouth, latex covered as specified.”

She’d lost all color, and those porn-fantasy lips he lusted after quivered. When she opened her mouth, he said, “Listen carefully because there are two ways this can go down.”

Cutting the sleeves of the robe, he continued, “I can hold you to the literal translation of the card. You can invite a witness to make me adhere to the rules.”

What remained of the robe floated to the floor. Jess shivered; her nipples were a shade darker than her rose lips, and they pearled and puckered.

A shudder racked through him. He sat back on his heels, and the leather pants squeezed his cock and testicles harder than any vise he’d ever tried. Devil closed his eyes, went through the SEAL breathing sequence yet again until blood flow restored baseline brain functions.

Stick to the plan.

“I can and will keep you here for the rest of the night. I don’t have to let you out of this room until I get what I paid five thousand dollars for. A blowjob. I can go for hours without coming.”

Her sinful mouth tightened into a pucker. She snorted. “And the other way?”

“One fifteen-minute session in this position. My mouth and tongue only.”

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  1. Great scene!

  2. I did X-rated today, too! But I tried to define erotica, erotic romance, and porn. I love this blog hop as a way to find new sites!

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