V is for Vixen & U is for Ubrizi!


For the next four days of the A to Z Challenge, I will be featuring posts from my books related to romance words beginning with the letter of the day.

I’ll also be offering a prize, a free copy of Deviant Devil, Hades Squad Book 3, to one lucky commenter.

To win the prize, all you have to do is leave a comment with your email address. Please put NO in the email if you do not want to hear about my new releases. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2013 on this site and Facebook. Winners must claim prizes within five days by emailing me at; [email protected].

In case you’re wondering where the U is for Ubrizi comes from, the hero of Deviant Devil is Dominix Zubiri, aka Devil. Here’s a little snippet from Deviant Devil.

JC_DeviantDevil_coverinDeviant Devil Blurb:

Devil pulled the auction card from the envelope and read, “One blowjob in a private room. Condom mandatory. Touching only on my part. This is what you didn’t specify. Clothing, position, restraints. Forty-five seconds have elapsed. I can keep you here as long as I want until I come in your mouth, latex covered, as specified.”

The last person Devil expects to see in a BDSM club is the best friend of his buddy’s new wife, Jessica Blaine. The all-American apple pie woman he wants so badly it’s her face he sees every orgasm for the last nine months. Is she playing? Exploring? Tough, she’s on his turf now, she’s put herself up for auction, and by God she’s his for the night.

Jess is scared spit less. She’s going to suck off the man who may have killed, Aung, the college student she mentors who vanished three weeks earlier. When the wrong man, a masked stranger, wins the auction, she has no choice but to proceed. Horrified when she not only responds to the masked stranger, but climaxes, Jess flees.

Devil lets her go fully intending to reel her in. His way.


“Dominix –”

“Devil, Jess. I’m in no mood for Dominix.”

“What does that mean?”

“Damn if I know. Grab your purse and briefcase.”

When she obeyed his order, he reached over, unsnapped the seat belt, and hauled her high against his chest.

Jess closed her eyes and surrendered to the inevitable.

“How hungry are you?”

Somewhere along the line, she’d detached from the consequences of what would happen once they were alone. The battle not to succumb to Devil, not to yield to her dark fantasies, was over.

For tonight.

“I can wait.”

He stepped onto the landing.

Two spotlights spewed brilliance on them.

Lashes fluttering away the radiant dazzle, she missed him opening and closing the door. With each stride he took the interior of the dwelling brightened as if a dimmer turned. The soft amber glow revealed a square room sparsely furnished. She glimpsed a couch, a dining table, a counter, bar stools, and the most beautiful medieval style fireplace she’d ever seen.

“Last call. I can order something.”

Leashed violence radiated from him in heat waves.



Which one was he?

“I want to shower first.”

He skidded to a stop. Nudged her chin with his fist. Squinted, then stared right into her eyes, his jaw tight, his mouth turned down. “Vixen. Just like that?”

All the unasked questions between them dangled and jumbled.

Hope you enjoyed.

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U is for Undulate!

APRIL-2013-CALENDAR-001I’m so excited to join in the A to Z blog hop!!! Truly, I regard it as a terrific challenge and a wonderful kick-start to my new website. My topic for the entire 26 days will be romance, particularly erotic romance. My structure will be as follows: I am going to first list the pertinent words for the day and then discuss one of them in alphabetical order, of course.

U: unique, unforgettable, unwavering, urges, undress, and undulate.

The above are my list of sexy and/or erotic and/or romantic U words. Feel free to chime in with your own!

For the twentieth day of the A to Z blog hop challenge – I choose the word Undulate. My reason is simple, none of the other words appeal. I mean—really? Can you think of more U words?

Undulate: move sinuously like waves.

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Alpha Me Not & Demon Seed nominated for Best Book 2012

2012nomineeWriters lead a solitary life in terms of their trade. So we tend to rely on outside sources for verification, that yes, someone (and it may be only one) is reading my work/blog/tweets …you get the gist. Reviews, awards, and nominations make us giddy with delight.

Giddy doesn’t begin to describe what it was like to receive two emails from Carole at The Romance Reviews informing me that not one but two of my books had been nominated for Best Book of 2012 by their reviewers. Whoo-Hooo!

JC_AlphaMeNot_coverin     JC_DemonSeed_coverin (2)

My congratulations go out to all the nominees. To me, simply being selected is an honor in itself, but to be included in the company of such illustrious authors as Emma Holly,  Lisa Renee Jones and the others listed below is truly humbling.

Here’s a list of the nominees for two categories (goto here to see the others: http://www.theromancereviews.com/bookvote.php)


Erotic Romance – Action-Adventure / Romantic Suspense


A Little Harmless Fascination by Melissa Schroeder

Demon Seed by Jianne Carlo

Fever by Joan Swan

IF I WERE YOU by Lisa Renee Jones

The Devil’s Pawn by Elizabeth Finn

Erotic Romance – Paranormal Romance


Alpha Me Not by Jianne Carlo

Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston

Enslave by Felicity Heaton

Hidden Crimes by Emma Holly

His Mortal Soul by a.c. Mason

Hunted by Rebecca Zanetti

The Protector by Ambrielle Kirk

Wild Things: Fanged by Jocelyn Michel

The winners are determined by vote and,in order to vote, you must login to The Romance Reviews. If you have the chance and feel the inclination, please do. If not—heck, I made the list!





What’s Cooking for The Hades Squad & More!

I’ve finally had the time to talk to my editors and plan the writing year. Yay! I have goals and too many ideas to get onto paper/screen.

Release dates etc. will be finalized as the year progresses.

I will be adding a WIP (Works in Progress) section to the website, which will be available to anyone who’s signed up for the newsletter.

Here we go!

Existing Series and Books

VV banner

Vengeance Hammer, Book Three:  Release Date – May 17, 2013

White Wolf Banner 2 - Jianne_Carlo940x300_v2

The Wolf With The Broken Smile (Chad & Lizzie) – est. completion date – May 2013

Hades Squad banner4

Two books this year.


Caught you!

Thought there was only going to be one more, huh?

Shifty, Sinner’s cousin, will have his own tale.

Shifty’s Bacchanal – estimated completion date – July 2013

Satan’s Angel – estimated completion date – November 2013

New Books and Series

Murphy’s Laws of Time-Travel

A time-travel, fantasy series set between 2013 and 1763.

Book #1 – That Pearly Drop

Orca Rules

A contemporary, wounded SEAL series set in the north-west.

Book #1 – Torch the Wind

Ricky’s Landing

A paranormal, contemporary suspense series set in the Caribbean.

Book #1 – Wolf Without

Varangian Fury.

A Viking series set in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

Book #1 – The Viking’s Chains

As of today, I am about three weeks shy of getting previews up for The Wolf with the Broken Smile, That Pearly Drop, and Torch the Wind. The rest will follow *fingers crossed* soon after. It seems as if I may be having a creative tsunami. Here’s hoping my time and fingers keep pace with the tidal wave of new ideas.

Send me an email if you want to know more.




Written in the Stars Conference

Njal  - yumDougKoziak01 (2)Tomorrow I head to Houston, Texas to meet my good friend and fellow author, Lynn Lorenz.

Woo Hoo! Road Trip!

We drive (4 hours – loads of gossip time) to Shreveport, Louisiana to attend the Written in the Stars Conference. So exciting.

It’s wonderful to meet new writers and readers, listen to the experts in the industry, and re-charge my creative batteries. I always come away from a conference brimming with new ideas, so when I return I’ll be posting my What’s Cooking page. There you’ll find a list of what I’m working on currently and what I hope to finish before the end of the year.

Here are some hints – two new Hades Squad books, a new SEAL series,  a new Wolf series, and for all of those who’ve asked a new viking series starring Mús, Tighe, and a couple of new heroes. As you can tell I’m revved up for hot romance, nerve-wracking suspense, supernatural shifters, and more Vikings!!!

The guy in the pic is my inspiration for my latest hero, Torch, a wounded wolf SEAL.

Isn’t he drool-worthy? Sigh.

Have a great hunk (my version of hump) day!